BetMania Promotions

BetMania has been in the online sports bettingindustry for nearly 15 years. While most sportsbooks with that long a tenure tend to rule the industry, BetMania is seen as a middle of the pack sports wagering site. With that said, they have one of the best promotion areas we have ever seen. Here is a look at the promotions aspect of BetMania.

Historically, when BetMania has stood out from its peers it has been for the wrong reasons. However, when it comes to the bonuses, they make up for their flaws by giving the patrons exactly what they want. For instance, the bonus percentages range from 25 to 100 percent which is above the standard bonuses that most shops offer.

New bettors get 100 percent cash back bonuses on deposits of $100-300, while more experienced larger spending bettors have their bonuses drop down to 25 percent. For the latter group, the 25 percent may cause you to look elsewhere. Yet in an industry which is typically a 10 to 20 percent bonus, 25 percent is quite good.

While the initial deposit bonuses differ significantly for low and high spenders, one thing they both can agree enjoy is the re-up bonus. In this scenario, bettors get a 40 percent bonus, broken down into 20 percent cash back and 20 percent free play.

Promotional Bonuses

When it comes to the casino section of BetMania, no sportsbook has a better promotional bonus set up. For games such as roulette, black jack and baccarat, patrons can receive up to 125 percent in bonuses. On the other hand, they can also receive up to 85 percent in bonuses on games such as craps and poker.

However, whether it is a normal or a promotional bonus that you are looking for, beware that BetMania has a high rollover process. For instance, on the 40 percent re-up bonus listed earlier, bettors must rollover 11 times. The higher the bonus the higher the rollover.

BetUS Benefits

One of the best online sportsbooks we have ever used is that of BetUS. From great membership bonuses to informative information on betting jargon, BetUS has over 16 years of experience in the sports gambling industry. Today we will be looking at the benefits to getting an account with BetUS sportsbook, casino and horse racing web site.


When it comes to BetUS, no sportsbook has a better bonus structure then they do. There are several different bonuses, patrons can acquire over their tenure with the site.

Firstly, when you make your initial deposits into a BetUS account, BetUS automatically gives you a sign up bonus of up to 55 percent. In an industry where the norm is between 10 to 25 percent, 55 percent is an incredible deal.

Secondly, if 55 percent for an initial sign up deal wasn’t something to consider, the reload bonus will make you get your friends to join. The reload bonus goes up to 50 percent and you can receive another 25 percent when you refer a friend to the BetUS sportsbook.

One of the many unique feats about the bonus structure at BetUS is that customers of the site are provided a 10 percent insurance policy on all of their wagers. Meaning to say, if it takes a while to receive a withdrawal from BetUS, they will include 10 percent to the withdrawal.

More Attraction:

Aside from a great bonus structure, there is much to get excited about when opening an account with the self labeled America’s favorite sportsbook. For instance, patrons have the option of viewing the BetUS Calendar which is their version of Sports Illustrated swim suit model calendar.

As well, BetUS offers free swag such as calendars and guides for the big four major North American sports, free contests of over a million dollars and free rewards. The rewards vary from free play options to BetUS merchandise, to electronics and BetUS Girls DVD.

Bet365 Opening Account And Deposit Bonus Promotions

Bet365 sportsbook is one of the biggest online bettingcorporations in the industry. Aside from ranking highly in the public’s eyes for the last few years, Bet365 also owns a number of smaller sportsbooks, with their biggest subsidy being Bowmans sportsbook. One of the biggest betting appeals to Bet365 is their promotions. Today we will be looking at how to open an account at Bet365 and the deposit bonus structure they offer.

Right off the bat when opening an account with Bet365, new bettors receive an automatic 100 percent cash back bonus. This is far and away the best offer you can receive in the industry, as the standard is an abysmal 10 to 25 percent. Nevertheless, 100 percent cash back to open an account is a generous offer and also provides an advantage for Bet365 users over their opponents.

For instance, at 100 percent, you can essentially test out the sportsbook using the sportsbooks money. As well, Bet365 only requires a minimum deposit of $20 in order for you to qualify for the 100 percent deposit bonus.

Opening an account is rather simple, as Bet365 has round the clock customer support, which guides first time users through the account process.

As well, it should be noted, that the 100 percent initial deposit has a maximum limit of $200. So sharps, looking for 100 percent deposit bonuses on deposits of $1000 or greater, may want to go elsewhere.

Also, you should know that the 100 percent initial deposit is reliant on a one time rollover. Meaning to say you would have to play through your entire $20 first before getting Bet365 $20 in 100 percent initial deposits. What’s more, customers of Bet365 are required to fill out a 10 digit code which confirms the initial bonus.