Online Sports Betting – BetJamaica Is The Place To Be For Your Wagering Needs

BetJamaica The time for 2011 Belmont betting is almost here as the third and final leg of the Triple Crown is almost here, which means it’s time to find a sportsook to wager with ahead of the big race. The folks at BetJamaica are giving you plenty of reasons to join their sportsbook, with a few different bonuses and offers to entice you.

BetJamaica has their Early Bird special, which means new signups and those who have never made a deposit into their account will receive a 20% cash bonus, as well as a $50 Free Play on deposits of $300 or more. There is also the $100/$100 special, in which you will receive a $100 Free Play bonus if you make a deposit of $100. All new accounts will receive a standard 20% cash bonus, with a maximum of $500. BetJamaica will also offer you a 10% Reload bonus each time you reload your account, up to a maximum of $300, but first, to be eligible you have to sign up.

Head over to or call their toll-free number to receive more information on the great offers and bonuses you may be missing. The Belmont Stakes is on the horizon, while baseball is getting ready to take center stage, and of course, BetJamaica will be a place to be when the NFL resumes their season. Don’t delay, check out BetJamaica now for all your online sports betting needs!

Sports Betting Sites – Why You Should Go With JustBet

JustBetWith MLB betting starting to hit a different gear as the season heads into the second month, online wagering players should be looking for a sportsbook to satisfy their needs. They’ll also be on the hunt to have a sportsbook all ready to go by the time the NFL season rolls around, and there are a lot of different options on the market. The folks at JustBet are looking to make their name in the industry and have a couple of bonuses to offer you as you search for another book.

JustBet’s big hook is that they offer you 155% in bonuses when you sign up for their book, broken down as follows: 50% for an initial deposit in your sportsbook, 10% in casino chips, 50% on re-up sportsbook deposits and 10% in casino chip re-ups, 25% for referring a new member to JustBet, and finally, a 10% Gambler’s Insurance. In the Racebook, you will find offers of a 7% rebate on exotic wagers, as well as a 3% rebate on straight wagers, while the Casino offers daily cashback deals, progressive jackpots, and a free $1000/50 Hands tournament, which you will receive for depositing $100 or more through the week. Finally, JustBet will offer you a $10 Freeplay Mobile bet as they look to get in on the smartphone market.

Check out JustBet’s website for more information on their current offers, as well as to keep an eye out for any specific offers. Picking a new sportsbook can be an ordeal, but JustBet is out to make a name for themselves in the sports betting industry.

Sports Betting – Get More Bang For Your Buck With BetMania

sports-bettingKentucky Derby betting is only one of the major events that is going on in the sports wagering world right now, as the playoffs in the NBA and NHL are starting to really heat up, MLB betting season is through the first month, along with NASCAR, golf and soccer betting. The folks at BetMania has a number of bonuses as they look to entice you into trying out their sportsbook, and here are just a few of the offers they are putting out there in order to service you better.

BetMania will offer you a 30% Free Play bonus with a minimum deposit of $100, along with a $10 Free Play bonus for new players on their mobile device, a type of wagering is quickly gaining steam as everyone and their dog has a smartphone in today’s age. When it comes to casino games, you can receive a 200% cash bonus on a maximum deposit of $1,500 on live casino games, and digital casino games, there is a 75% cash bonus on a maximum deposit of $300. Casino players can also pick up a weekly 10% rebate as well, and horse betting players can also get in on the action in the BetMania Racebook, as there is a weekly rebate of 15%.

Head over to BetMania to get all the information you need to start receiving bonuses, because everyone looks to gain an edge when dabbling into sports wagering. For more information, call one of their professional customer care representatives, and you’ll see why you should put BetMania in your sportsbookrotation.

Check Out The Promotions At The Greek

Kentucky Derby betting players are looking for anything that gives them an added incentive to join a sportsbook as the industry is one of the most competitive in all of business, with any sportsbook looking for an edge over their opposition. The Greek has long been known as one of the leaders in the field, and they have a couple of offers worth taking a look at as you look to pick a sportsbook that will get you through the Triple Crown, as well as the NBA and NHL playoffs, and a long baseball season.

First of all, you will get a 21% cash bonus on your first deposit, no matter what amount the deposit is for. There is no minimum, and you can receive a maximum of $250, and it is as simple as signing up at their online sportsbook, where there is a form you can fill out to join The Greek family, and then you have to call or email so they will deposit the bonus into your sports betting account.

You can also receive an 11% reload bonus anytime you make a deposit into your account, with a maximum of $250 per calendar month. Again, when you reload, you have to call or email The Greek so you can receive your bonus.

Finally, get your friends in on the action and receive a 21% referral bonus when they make their initial deposit, and for every five friends you get to sign up to The Greek within a calendar month, you can receive up to $250 in a cash bonus for your account. So don’t delay, and get over to The Greek today for more information on their betting website.

Sportsbook Promos – BetOnline Is The Place To Be To Wager On The Kentucky Derby

Online betting for Kentucky Derby odds are just in the infancy stages as the “Run For The Roses” takes place in just under a month, and things could change with prep races still on the schedule. But there are odds up now at, and their Racebook will have you covered from the prep races until May 7th, when the first jewel in thoroughbred horse racing’s Triple Crown goes off at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Head over to the Racebook at BetOnline now to take advantage of their Track Rebates, which happens on a daily basis. If you are wagering over the telephone, you are eligible for a 4% track rebate, but if you are an internet customer, it pays off even more as you are eligible for a 7% track rebate. There is no limit to how much a player can earn and there is no minimum volume of bets that need to be placed, but visit the Racebook at BetOnline to check out the list of terms and conditions to make sure you qualify, Guaranteed that there is no betonline com scam.

Also, be sure that you have BetOnline bookmarked and you check it on a regular basis as there will be more promotions available to their clients ahead of the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby. You should already be starting your research when it comes to which horse will win the race, but have you begun to see who will give you the best bang for your buck? Make BetOnline the top choice among your favorite online betting sites.

MLB Betting – How To Sniff Out A Good Promo

Florida-MarlinsYou should be looking for a good sportsbook promo as it’s almost time for MLB betting season, with the regular season just over a week away. Here are a couple of Northbet tips to use in order for you to get the most bang for your MLB betting buck.

Finding a book with reduced juice is the best way to score on MLB betting, as many sportsbooks make their profit off of the juice, which is the amount of money that sportsbooks charge to make a bet. For example, most of the time the juice on any given wager is 10%, which will mean that it costs you $110 to win $100. But some sportsbooks will offer one day a week where the juice is reduced, which would mean it would cost you $105 to win $100 on that particular day. Any time you can get a little bit off your wager, you should take advantage of it.

Another good way to find a good sportsbook for baseball betting is one that offers dime lines, which are when the difference in odds between the favorite and the underdog is ten cents (For example, the Chicago Cubs are listed at -140 as the favorite, while the Cincinnati Reds are rated at +130 as the underdog). This type of betting will serve you well throughout a long Major League Baseball season as the savings eventually add up, and the premise is simple: you increase your profit when you win, and your losses decrease when you lose. Doesn’t that sound like a great sports betting formula?

March Madness Betting – Place Your Bracket Bets At

The 2011 March Madness betting season is finally underway as the First Four tips off on Tuesday, and then the actual 64-team Tournament will begin on Thursday. There are plenty of different ways to get in on the action of March Madness, and the most popular is the bracket contest. The folks at are looking to make you extraordinarily rich at the end of the Big Dance, but you will have to do something that has never been done before.

There are two ways you can make your bracket picks work for you when playing with, and the first way is a $10,000 prize pool in which you win $5,000 for the most correct picks. Second place gets $3,000, while third place will receive $2,000, and none of those are anything to turn your nose up at. But the big prize comes when you pick a perfect bracket: you will win a whopping $14,000,000, a million dollars for every year that has been involved in March Madness. All you have to do is submit your picks at our sportsbook, and then place $20 in bets in each round of the NCAA Tournament, and if your bracket can withstand the upsets that March Madness betting are famously known for, you will be able to take a year or two off work, that’s for sure. Your office pool isn’t going to put up a reward of $14,000,000, if you’re going to bet on March Madness, why not go all out? Head over to to get the ball rolling in this sports betting contest.

BetOnline Promotions

When it comes to online betting site promotions, nobody in this industry does it better than BetOnline sportsbook. Whether you are looking for deposit bonuses, sportsbook, horse racing or casino promotions coming to an online sportsbook with a lot of experience is the best thing to do. Here is a look at some of the promotions from BetOnline sportsbook.

Deposit Bonuses –
At BetOnline sportsbook there are three different types of deposit bonuses for patrons to make use of. Firstly, there is the better bonus guarantee in which all you have to do is simply inform BetOnline of another shop you are thinking of joining bonus and they will match it. For instance, tell BetOnline you are joining a new sportsbook with a 10 to 20 percent deposit bonus, and not only will they match that bonus, they will increase their bonus to 25 percent. Meaning to say you can’t go anywhere better when it comes to deposit bonuses.

The second type of deposit bonus is the deposit and re-up bonus. For every deposit you make after your first one, you will get an automatic 45 percent bonus just for re-up your account. This is tops in the industry and has helped BetOnline maintain its elite level status.

Thirdly and perhaps the best is for BetOnline clientele who use Moneybookers. For these customers you can expect 100 percent cash back with a maximum of $200 for every deposit you make.

Sportsbook Promotions
Similar to better bonus guarantee promotion for deposits, BetOnline offers a better parlay guarantee which works in the same manner. They also offer a fabulous Friday five percent bonus promotion. With this promotion, they offer a 50 percent reduced juice guarantee offer on Fridays during College football season. For five hours straight this offer is applicable each and every Friday. NFL Deposit Promotions was founded in 1985 as its own company. In recent memory, is now a subsidy of the legendary Bet365 Sportsbook Corporation. With the start of the NFL regular season for 2010 on the horizon, many NFL betting fans are looking for great promotions. At there promotions for betting on the NFL are second to none. Here is the standout promotion of that has been a mainstay in handicapper’s hearts since it began at the start of the decade. offers an $110,000 free during the NFL regular season. Essentially how the promotion works is that customers are able to enter the weekly handicapping section of the website without having to make a deposit.

From there, patrons of and Bet365 other sites, can win up to a maximum of $25,000 a week. The maximum prize for the patrons, who make it all the way to the end in the survivor pool section of the site, is $10,000. What’s more the minimum weekly prize for winners is $3000. promotion is the best in the industry, and tends to a

Another big promotion that constantly occurs within Bet365 subsidies is the 50 percent parlay promotion. Here, sports bettors specifically wagering on the top four North American sports, can receive up to 50 percent in bonus money when they parlay across the board.ttract many sports bettors from other sportsbooks.

Parlays at as part of Bet365 operate on the premise that patrons may wager on as many as 10 games per sport. 50 percent bonuses don’t come often, especially for exotic wagers. For first time NFL bettors, it is extremely important to shop around for various promotions. When it comes to they offer the best bonuses anyone could ever imagine. Join today at the weekly pick handicapping section of sportsbook.