Online Sports Betting – Tips For Finding Good NFL Promos

Even though betting on MLB lines will be the most popular play of the summer, you can always start thinking about football season, even though the NFL isn’t any closer to sorting out their lockout situation. That doesn’t mean that they won’t be, and that means sportsbooks will be trying to entice you towards their lines with promotions, and here are a few simple tips to listen to.

How Many Rollovers?

Rolling over a bet means that you have to play it again before you can extract your money, and most places make you roll over your bets multiple times. Check out which book will work for you in terms of payouts, because if you have to roll over your winnings a few times, it’s not really much of a bonus, it’s just more money to lose.

What Do You Get Bonuses For?

Sometimes, books will tie in other bonuses with promotions, such as sign-up/welcome bonuses, referrals, and that can be a way to lure you in. Be sure to find out exactly what you can get from a book, and search around to see what is out there because it’s a big competition between books and you, the customer, should reap the benefits.

Are They Secure?

Even if the promos are great, and the bonuses are better, and the lines are up right away, none of this matters if it’s not with a reputable book that is known for being reliable. Do your research to make sure your book has a good name in the history, and check the most recent reviews, because things can change quickly in the online sports betting industry.

Sports Betting Sites – Why You Should Go With JustBet

JustBetWith MLB betting starting to hit a different gear as the season heads into the second month, online wagering players should be looking for a sportsbook to satisfy their needs. They’ll also be on the hunt to have a sportsbook all ready to go by the time the NFL season rolls around, and there are a lot of different options on the market. The folks at JustBet are looking to make their name in the industry and have a couple of bonuses to offer you as you search for another book.

JustBet’s big hook is that they offer you 155% in bonuses when you sign up for their book, broken down as follows: 50% for an initial deposit in your sportsbook, 10% in casino chips, 50% on re-up sportsbook deposits and 10% in casino chip re-ups, 25% for referring a new member to JustBet, and finally, a 10% Gambler’s Insurance. In the Racebook, you will find offers of a 7% rebate on exotic wagers, as well as a 3% rebate on straight wagers, while the Casino offers daily cashback deals, progressive jackpots, and a free $1000/50 Hands tournament, which you will receive for depositing $100 or more through the week. Finally, JustBet will offer you a $10 Freeplay Mobile bet as they look to get in on the smartphone market.

Check out JustBet’s website for more information on their current offers, as well as to keep an eye out for any specific offers. Picking a new sportsbook can be an ordeal, but JustBet is out to make a name for themselves in the sports betting industry. Football Promotions

1.   Better Bonus Guaranteed – Sports betting at BetOnline usually hits its peak point when the NFL starts. As a result, the ‘Better Bonus Guaranteed’ promotion takes place.

How this promotion works, is similar to that of buying furniture at a Lowes. Essentially, you would go shop around at other sportsbooks looking for good bonuses and then return to BetOnline, and see if they could offer you a better bonus.

BetOnline is one of the rare sportsbooks, to offer more than your classic 10 to 20 percent sign up and promotion bonuses. Instead rather, BetOnline does the math for you on the bonuses you found at other sites, and tops those bonuses. Meaning to say, if you could find a bonus at one shop for 20 percent, you could receive up to 50 percent in bonuses at BetOnline.

For players looking to get involved with this promotion, you must make a deposit at a minimum of 100 dollars between August 12th 2010 and the middle of the NFL playoffs at December 31st 2010.

2.   Champagne Mondays – Aside from the Better Bonus Guaranteed promotion, BetOnline also offers a Champagne Monday deal. Here patrons of the site can win a bottle of champagne weekly if all of their picks are correct.

3.   Survivor Pool Promotion – That’s right fans, the BetOnline Survivor Pool promotion is back this season. As you may recall from last year, winners of the Survivor Pool could receive up to 1000 dollars of free play depending on how much they initially deposited.