BetUS Benefits

One of the best online sportsbooks we have ever used is that of BetUS. From great membership bonuses to informative information on betting jargon, BetUS has over 16 years of experience in the sports gambling industry. Today we will be looking at the benefits to getting an account with BetUS sportsbook, casino and horse racing web site.


When it comes to BetUS, no sportsbook has a better bonus structure then they do. There are several different bonuses, patrons can acquire over their tenure with the site.

Firstly, when you make your initial deposits into a BetUS account, BetUS automatically gives you a sign up bonus of up to 55 percent. In an industry where the norm is between 10 to 25 percent, 55 percent is an incredible deal.

Secondly, if 55 percent for an initial sign up deal wasn’t something to consider, the reload bonus will make you get your friends to join. The reload bonus goes up to 50 percent and you can receive another 25 percent when you refer a friend to the BetUS sportsbook.

One of the many unique feats about the bonus structure at BetUS is that customers of the site are provided a 10 percent insurance policy on all of their wagers. Meaning to say, if it takes a while to receive a withdrawal from BetUS, they will include 10 percent to the withdrawal.

More Attraction:

Aside from a great bonus structure, there is much to get excited about when opening an account with the self labeled America’s favorite sportsbook. For instance, patrons have the option of viewing the BetUS Calendar which is their version of Sports Illustrated swim suit model calendar.

As well, BetUS offers free swag such as calendars and guides for the big four major North American sports, free contests of over a million dollars and free rewards. The rewards vary from free play options to BetUS merchandise, to electronics and BetUS Girls DVD.

BetOnline Promotions

When it comes to online betting site promotions, nobody in this industry does it better than BetOnline sportsbook. Whether you are looking for deposit bonuses, sportsbook, horse racing or casino promotions coming to an online sportsbook with a lot of experience is the best thing to do. Here is a look at some of the promotions from BetOnline sportsbook.

Deposit Bonuses –
At BetOnline sportsbook there are three different types of deposit bonuses for patrons to make use of. Firstly, there is the better bonus guarantee in which all you have to do is simply inform BetOnline of another shop you are thinking of joining bonus and they will match it. For instance, tell BetOnline you are joining a new sportsbook with a 10 to 20 percent deposit bonus, and not only will they match that bonus, they will increase their bonus to 25 percent. Meaning to say you can’t go anywhere better when it comes to deposit bonuses.

The second type of deposit bonus is the deposit and re-up bonus. For every deposit you make after your first one, you will get an automatic 45 percent bonus just for re-up your account. This is tops in the industry and has helped BetOnline maintain its elite level status.

Thirdly and perhaps the best is for BetOnline clientele who use Moneybookers. For these customers you can expect 100 percent cash back with a maximum of $200 for every deposit you make.

Sportsbook Promotions
Similar to better bonus guarantee promotion for deposits, BetOnline offers a better parlay guarantee which works in the same manner. They also offer a fabulous Friday five percent bonus promotion. With this promotion, they offer a 50 percent reduced juice guarantee offer on Fridays during College football season. For five hours straight this offer is applicable each and every Friday.