Sportsbooks Accepting eChecks

Why eChecks Are A Rarity In The Sports Betting Industry

Back in its early stages, using eChecks used to be a solid method of payment, but in the age of credit cards the eCheck has been phased out and you will only find one reputable website that will accept them anymore. Between credit cards and eWallets, there are other and more efficient ways to handle your money at sports betting sites, but that site is tremendous at what it does.

eChecks are one of the aspects of sports betting that were hit the hardest by the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act in 2006, which stopped banks and other financial institutions from being able to process those transactions. If they were to cash those cheques, under UIGEA and that has scared many companies off eChecks. Among other major reasons that make the eCheck much different from a credit-card transaction (these companies often do not know the funds are set aside for betting), and that means it can be a hassle if you try and use one with your sites.

Intertops is still the lone major sports betting sites that will accept eChecks without any fuss, although you will have to prove your identity by faxing your identification, driver’s license or some recent correspondence that proves your billing address. You only have to go through this once and they will keep the information on file so multiple copies of your identity is not floating all over the place and getting into the wrong hands; with their reputation for customer service, you can be sure that it is in good hands. They will also offer bonuses specifically to those loyal eCheck customers which is a nice touch by Intertops, which has long been a veteran in the sports betting community.

Head over to Intertops and open an account to get a feel of what they are offering when it comes to eChecks, and even though there are better options out there, you may be able to find a deal or two to make it worthwhile. You can either deposit the eCheck online or over the phone with a customer service representative, but you have to make sure the funds are in the account or else you are opening a can of worms which could end up costing you more in the long run. The transfer itself does not take but a couple minutes, but if the funds are not in your bank account, it could bite you and cast a damper on your sports betting experience.