Sports Betting – BetOnline Rises A Step Higher Than The Rest

Many sports betting sharps like to shop around and get an idea of the best books, but they will always have a couple that they continue to go back to time and time again. Look no further for your #1 sportsbook than BetOnline, which offers something for everyone and should be at the top of your list.

BetOnline has all the bases covered, with superior customer service, quick payouts and secure handling of your funds, which are essentially the top three factors that you should look for when picking a new book. It is simple to make a wager at BetOnline that anyone could make one and while they may not have a large exotic section, sports bettors should be able to find whichever North American sport they would like to bet on, along with a few major European events.

But where BetOnline really sets itself apart from the rest of the competition is a content-heavy website loaded with information and previews of the matchups you’ll find in their sportsbook. A place that offers you sweet bonuses and information on how to actually win? You will not find many of those around nowadays.

There really isn’t much to complain about in regards to BetOnline, and if you want to be picky, the lack of exotics is a negative, but everything is covered. They are easy to get a hold of if there is a problem and they are eager to help in any way, so give BetOnline a try and see why they are the #1 sportsbook out there!

Online Betting – 5Dimes Helps Set The Standard For Sportsbooks

If you are looking for a new sportsbook to fit into your online betting rotation, 5dimes should be one of your first options and after one spin around their website, you will see why they have long been a veteran presence in the sports betting community.

5Dimes does everything you want an experienced sportsbook to do; you can bet securely and safely, there is a large variety of betting options (although a few more entertainment or political props would be nice) and the customer service ranks among the best in the business. There are not a lot of bells and whistles on the website, but it is fast, can handle a lot of traffic and is easy to navigate, which helps draw in novice bettors. They have been in the game long enough that their reputation is enough to keep them at the top of the sportsbook industry.

They are working on their mobile platform as that type of gaming is going to leap in popularity in the coming years, while their live betting leaves some to be desired, but overall, there are not many sportsbooks you are going to find that are as well-rounded as 5Dimes. It offers low juice for the sharps, and bonuses for the casual player in order to stretch your bankroll and again, that is all you can really ask for in a sportsbook. You would be hard-pressed to find a better sportsbook than 5Dimes, so go and see for yourself!

Sports Betting Online – Taking A Look At What Bovada Can Do For You

Bodog has earned a reputation as one of the top sports betting brands in the industry, but they had to move out of the United State with that name; however, Bovada exists as an American extension of Bodog and sports betting sharps still get the quality that they received at Bodog.

Bovada is a place that caters to the casual players and ones who are just doing some friendly betting, so you are not going to find massive limits or early lines; fun is the name of the game here. They have a flashy website that they are also tooling for improvement and their live betting is some of the best in the business. While they may not have a huge variety, Bovada has the most popular sports lines you need to see as well as a decent selection of exotics that other sites are lacking.

Their betting engine is an old standard and it is simple for anyone to use from new players to old-school sharps, and they also feature unique content to give their players more information on the betting matchups that are upcoming in their sportsbook. And despite the change in name, there is no change in the quality of customer service you will receive at Bovada as a group of courteous reps are there to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t let the name change fool you; Bovada offers the same perks as Bodog did and they are always striving to improve to surpass their predecessor, so get in on it early and take advantage of what Bovada can offer you.

Online Betting – Sports Interaction Wants To Take You To The Next Level

Sports Interaction has been long enough to earn a stellar reputation in the community for its versatility and aspects that attract all types of bettors, and they are always steady and consistent, which is a major factor in picking a new book.

One thing that Sports Interaction has above the rest is their incredible mobile wagering, as they are getting a head start on the competition in an aspect that isn’t as popular as you think right now, but it is gaining steam as many people use their smartphones for everything under the sun.

The website isn’t that fancy, but it is practical and is easy on the eyes, which is important if you are going to be spending a lot of time in front of it. Not only does Sports Interaction cover all of the major sports, but they have an outstanding amount of props that are not focused on entertainment, but actual sports. If you are a golf betting player, you are in luck as Sports Interaction may have the best set of golf odds and lines in the industry.

You may have to try and negotiate a reload amount with Sports Interaction, but that is not a major obstacle in the grand scheme and they make it very simple to get things done with their customer service. With their jumpstart on the competition in mobile wagering, Sports Interaction is a name you will hear in the online betting industry for a long time to come.

Sports Betting – Bovada’s March Madness Promotions Are Nothing But Net

It’s time for March Madness as the field of 64 will be down to 16 by the end of the weekend, which means you don’t have a lot of time to start wagering on the big dance. The kind folks at Bovada have a couple promotions that you should definitely take the time to check out so you can get the most bang for your sports betting buck.

March Madness betting players can either bet game-by-game or get in on Bovada’s Bracket Buster action, with the best lines and odds you’re going to find. But Bovada will give you a 20% bonus just for starting up with them, so that should be rather enticing for you. Why not start off with a little cushion to wager on your favorite team, or to make up for one of the upset losses that are always around the corner in the NCAA Tournament.

Then there is the 10 Days of Madness, where you get bonuses just for betting on each of the 10 days of March Madness; you don’t even need to win, just bet $25 or more on each day to win a $25 bonus, or $50 or more to win a $50 bonus.

But the fun doesn’t stop when the Tournament ends; keep Bovada in your rotation as they’re emerging as a real player in the industry. You can never have enough options, so be sure to give Bovada a shot to get into your sports betting circle.

Sports Betting – WSEX Touches You In All The Right Players

WSEX If you’re a 2011 Belmont Stakes betting player, you may be in the market for a new sportsbook before the final leg of the Triple Crown goes off on Saturday, June 11that Belmont Park. WSEX isn’t a new sportsbook as it has been around since 1995, so it’s noted as a pioneer in the industry, and their simplistic, back-to-basics format is a refreshing change in the sports betting industry.

The website at WSEX ( doesn’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles in order to persuade you to try them out, but what you will find is a full complement of lines from the NFL, NCAA, CFL and Arena football, as well as college hoops and the NBA, golf, tennis, boxing and MMA, and plenty of other sports. Horse betting players can definitely get their fix in the WSEX sportsbook, and you can receiver daily odds for some of the biggest tracks in the country, such as Churchill Downs, Belmont Park and Hollywood Park, as well as Woodbine.

You can also try your luck in the WSEX Casino, and if you win enough points you will be eligible for their Casino Points program, in which you can earn money for being the best in our Casino section. You can also take advantage of the mobile betting section at WSEX, and they’re constantly striving to improve what is becoming a major part of the wagering community.

Check out for more information on signing up with one of the leaders in the sports bettingindustry!

Online Sports Betting – BetJamaica Is The Place To Be For Your Wagering Needs

BetJamaica The time for 2011 Belmont betting is almost here as the third and final leg of the Triple Crown is almost here, which means it’s time to find a sportsook to wager with ahead of the big race. The folks at BetJamaica are giving you plenty of reasons to join their sportsbook, with a few different bonuses and offers to entice you.

BetJamaica has their Early Bird special, which means new signups and those who have never made a deposit into their account will receive a 20% cash bonus, as well as a $50 Free Play on deposits of $300 or more. There is also the $100/$100 special, in which you will receive a $100 Free Play bonus if you make a deposit of $100. All new accounts will receive a standard 20% cash bonus, with a maximum of $500. BetJamaica will also offer you a 10% Reload bonus each time you reload your account, up to a maximum of $300, but first, to be eligible you have to sign up.

Head over to or call their toll-free number to receive more information on the great offers and bonuses you may be missing. The Belmont Stakes is on the horizon, while baseball is getting ready to take center stage, and of course, BetJamaica will be a place to be when the NFL resumes their season. Don’t delay, check out BetJamaica now for all your online sports betting needs!

Sports Betting Sites – Why You Should Go With JustBet

JustBetWith MLB betting starting to hit a different gear as the season heads into the second month, online wagering players should be looking for a sportsbook to satisfy their needs. They’ll also be on the hunt to have a sportsbook all ready to go by the time the NFL season rolls around, and there are a lot of different options on the market. The folks at JustBet are looking to make their name in the industry and have a couple of bonuses to offer you as you search for another book.

JustBet’s big hook is that they offer you 155% in bonuses when you sign up for their book, broken down as follows: 50% for an initial deposit in your sportsbook, 10% in casino chips, 50% on re-up sportsbook deposits and 10% in casino chip re-ups, 25% for referring a new member to JustBet, and finally, a 10% Gambler’s Insurance. In the Racebook, you will find offers of a 7% rebate on exotic wagers, as well as a 3% rebate on straight wagers, while the Casino offers daily cashback deals, progressive jackpots, and a free $1000/50 Hands tournament, which you will receive for depositing $100 or more through the week. Finally, JustBet will offer you a $10 Freeplay Mobile bet as they look to get in on the smartphone market.

Check out JustBet’s website for more information on their current offers, as well as to keep an eye out for any specific offers. Picking a new sportsbook can be an ordeal, but JustBet is out to make a name for themselves in the sports betting industry.

Sports Betting – Get More Bang For Your Buck With BetMania

sports-bettingKentucky Derby betting is only one of the major events that is going on in the sports wagering world right now, as the playoffs in the NBA and NHL are starting to really heat up, MLB betting season is through the first month, along with NASCAR, golf and soccer betting. The folks at BetMania has a number of bonuses as they look to entice you into trying out their sportsbook, and here are just a few of the offers they are putting out there in order to service you better.

BetMania will offer you a 30% Free Play bonus with a minimum deposit of $100, along with a $10 Free Play bonus for new players on their mobile device, a type of wagering is quickly gaining steam as everyone and their dog has a smartphone in today’s age. When it comes to casino games, you can receive a 200% cash bonus on a maximum deposit of $1,500 on live casino games, and digital casino games, there is a 75% cash bonus on a maximum deposit of $300. Casino players can also pick up a weekly 10% rebate as well, and horse betting players can also get in on the action in the BetMania Racebook, as there is a weekly rebate of 15%.

Head over to BetMania to get all the information you need to start receiving bonuses, because everyone looks to gain an edge when dabbling into sports wagering. For more information, call one of their professional customer care representatives, and you’ll see why you should put BetMania in your sportsbookrotation.

BetUS Benefits

One of the best online sportsbooks we have ever used is that of BetUS. From great membership bonuses to informative information on betting jargon, BetUS has over 16 years of experience in the sports gambling industry. Today we will be looking at the benefits to getting an account with BetUS sportsbook, casino and horse racing web site.


When it comes to BetUS, no sportsbook has a better bonus structure then they do. There are several different bonuses, patrons can acquire over their tenure with the site.

Firstly, when you make your initial deposits into a BetUS account, BetUS automatically gives you a sign up bonus of up to 55 percent. In an industry where the norm is between 10 to 25 percent, 55 percent is an incredible deal.

Secondly, if 55 percent for an initial sign up deal wasn’t something to consider, the reload bonus will make you get your friends to join. The reload bonus goes up to 50 percent and you can receive another 25 percent when you refer a friend to the BetUS sportsbook.

One of the many unique feats about the bonus structure at BetUS is that customers of the site are provided a 10 percent insurance policy on all of their wagers. Meaning to say, if it takes a while to receive a withdrawal from BetUS, they will include 10 percent to the withdrawal.

More Attraction:

Aside from a great bonus structure, there is much to get excited about when opening an account with the self labeled America’s favorite sportsbook. For instance, patrons have the option of viewing the BetUS Calendar which is their version of Sports Illustrated swim suit model calendar.

As well, BetUS offers free swag such as calendars and guides for the big four major North American sports, free contests of over a million dollars and free rewards. The rewards vary from free play options to BetUS merchandise, to electronics and BetUS Girls DVD.