Sports Betting – Get Into The Triple Crown Action At BetOnline

2011 Preakness Stakes betting is about to hit fifth gear, as the “Run For The Black-Eyed Susans” goes off on Saturday for the 136thtime at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. After a thrilling race in the Kentucky Derby in which longshot Animal Kingdom made a late run down the backstretch at Churchill Downs to earn the win. That made a big profit for many sports betting players, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t get in on the action: BetOnline is the place for you.

BetOnline will get the bonuses rolling as soon as you join up, and we’re willing to ensure you have the best bonus available. Bring us the best welcome or sign-up bonus you can find, and BetOnline will match or beat it, no questions asked. But it gets even better when you join BetOnline, one of the leaders in the sportsbook industry, as we also have the Lifetime Bonus Guarantee, which means you get a 25% free-play bonus on every single deposit you make with us.

Of course, the racebook isn’t the only place in which you can receive bonuses at BetOnline; whether it is the racebook, the sportsbook or the online casino, we’ll make sure you get more bang for your buck. These bonuses are also available year-round, not just for the Triple Crown races, and it also pays to get in on the sportsbook as MLB betting action is starting to heat up, so head over to now to see why we should be your sports betting choice.

Sportsbook Promos – Cash In On The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Kentucky Derby betting players are looking for a book to bet on the “Run For The Roses”, but that is still a couple of weeks away. The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing as the first round is preparing to wrap up with a number of thrilling matchups, which means you should be in the market for a place to bet on NHL odds.

BetOnline is the place to be to get in on the NHL betting action, and you will receive benefits right off the bat when you join their sportsbook. BetOnline will offer you a “Better Bonus Guarantee”, in which they’ll meet or beat any deposit bonus you get at another sportsbook, and they also have the “Lifetime Bonus Guarantee” option for their clients.

When it comes to the NHL, the folks at BetOnline will offer you the “What The Puck” option, where you will have your total bet on an under wager refunded if one of the teams goes over the posted total all by themselves. It has been a high-scoring start to the Stanley Cup playoffs so far, so this is a deal that could save you a few bucks in the long run, so head over to BetOnline for more information on how you can get in on the action, (and no there is no such thing as scam).

It’s an exciting time in the wagering world right now, and there is a lot to have an eye on. Ensure you get the best bang for your buck at BetOnline, a proven leader in the sports betting community.

Check Out The Promotions At The Greek

Kentucky Derby betting players are looking for anything that gives them an added incentive to join a sportsbook as the industry is one of the most competitive in all of business, with any sportsbook looking for an edge over their opposition. The Greek has long been known as one of the leaders in the field, and they have a couple of offers worth taking a look at as you look to pick a sportsbook that will get you through the Triple Crown, as well as the NBA and NHL playoffs, and a long baseball season.

First of all, you will get a 21% cash bonus on your first deposit, no matter what amount the deposit is for. There is no minimum, and you can receive a maximum of $250, and it is as simple as signing up at their online sportsbook, where there is a form you can fill out to join The Greek family, and then you have to call or email so they will deposit the bonus into your sports betting account.

You can also receive an 11% reload bonus anytime you make a deposit into your account, with a maximum of $250 per calendar month. Again, when you reload, you have to call or email The Greek so you can receive your bonus.

Finally, get your friends in on the action and receive a 21% referral bonus when they make their initial deposit, and for every five friends you get to sign up to The Greek within a calendar month, you can receive up to $250 in a cash bonus for your account. So don’t delay, and get over to The Greek today for more information on their betting website.

Sportsbook Promos – BetOnline Is The Place To Be To Wager On The Kentucky Derby

Online betting for Kentucky Derby odds are just in the infancy stages as the “Run For The Roses” takes place in just under a month, and things could change with prep races still on the schedule. But there are odds up now at, and their Racebook will have you covered from the prep races until May 7th, when the first jewel in thoroughbred horse racing’s Triple Crown goes off at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Head over to the Racebook at BetOnline now to take advantage of their Track Rebates, which happens on a daily basis. If you are wagering over the telephone, you are eligible for a 4% track rebate, but if you are an internet customer, it pays off even more as you are eligible for a 7% track rebate. There is no limit to how much a player can earn and there is no minimum volume of bets that need to be placed, but visit the Racebook at BetOnline to check out the list of terms and conditions to make sure you qualify, Guaranteed that there is no betonline com scam.

Also, be sure that you have BetOnline bookmarked and you check it on a regular basis as there will be more promotions available to their clients ahead of the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby. You should already be starting your research when it comes to which horse will win the race, but have you begun to see who will give you the best bang for your buck? Make BetOnline the top choice among your favorite online betting sites.

MLB And NHL Betting Players Can Benefit From Bodog Promotions

With March Madness betting out of the way, online sports betting players can focus on other things, such as the MLB betting season, along with the run to the Stanley Cup in the NHL. The folks at Bodog have offered a couple of promotions to sweeten the pot, and if you play it right, you could find yourself rolling in the dough (or even tickets to see your favorite team).

For MLB betting players, you can ride your team to glory with “Diamond Diehards”, in which you select a team, whether it is your team, or just the team you think is going to win the World Series. You pick your team, and you will receive a free $10 Futures bet on that squad to win it all. Then all you have to do is place a $10, $20 or $50 handle on that team per week, and you can win up to $250 in bonuses!

NHL betting players can get in on the action with “Streak Up The Cup”, and for this promotion, you have to place $20 on a single bet. Bodog will start keeping track of your run, and if you win four bets in a row, you receive a $20 free bet. The further your streak goes, the more you win, and if you can reach 12 wins in a row, you will receive two tickets to see the NHL team of your choice.

Head over to Bodog today for more information on how you can make sports betting pay off for you!

March Madness Betting – Place Your Bracket Bets At

The 2011 March Madness betting season is finally underway as the First Four tips off on Tuesday, and then the actual 64-team Tournament will begin on Thursday. There are plenty of different ways to get in on the action of March Madness, and the most popular is the bracket contest. The folks at are looking to make you extraordinarily rich at the end of the Big Dance, but you will have to do something that has never been done before.

There are two ways you can make your bracket picks work for you when playing with, and the first way is a $10,000 prize pool in which you win $5,000 for the most correct picks. Second place gets $3,000, while third place will receive $2,000, and none of those are anything to turn your nose up at. But the big prize comes when you pick a perfect bracket: you will win a whopping $14,000,000, a million dollars for every year that has been involved in March Madness. All you have to do is submit your picks at our sportsbook, and then place $20 in bets in each round of the NCAA Tournament, and if your bracket can withstand the upsets that March Madness betting are famously known for, you will be able to take a year or two off work, that’s for sure. Your office pool isn’t going to put up a reward of $14,000,000, if you’re going to bet on March Madness, why not go all out? Head over to to get the ball rolling in this sports betting contest.

BetMania Promotions

BetMania has been in the online sports bettingindustry for nearly 15 years. While most sportsbooks with that long a tenure tend to rule the industry, BetMania is seen as a middle of the pack sports wagering site. With that said, they have one of the best promotion areas we have ever seen. Here is a look at the promotions aspect of BetMania.

Historically, when BetMania has stood out from its peers it has been for the wrong reasons. However, when it comes to the bonuses, they make up for their flaws by giving the patrons exactly what they want. For instance, the bonus percentages range from 25 to 100 percent which is above the standard bonuses that most shops offer.

New bettors get 100 percent cash back bonuses on deposits of $100-300, while more experienced larger spending bettors have their bonuses drop down to 25 percent. For the latter group, the 25 percent may cause you to look elsewhere. Yet in an industry which is typically a 10 to 20 percent bonus, 25 percent is quite good.

While the initial deposit bonuses differ significantly for low and high spenders, one thing they both can agree enjoy is the re-up bonus. In this scenario, bettors get a 40 percent bonus, broken down into 20 percent cash back and 20 percent free play.

Promotional Bonuses

When it comes to the casino section of BetMania, no sportsbook has a better promotional bonus set up. For games such as roulette, black jack and baccarat, patrons can receive up to 125 percent in bonuses. On the other hand, they can also receive up to 85 percent in bonuses on games such as craps and poker.

However, whether it is a normal or a promotional bonus that you are looking for, beware that BetMania has a high rollover process. For instance, on the 40 percent re-up bonus listed earlier, bettors must rollover 11 times. The higher the bonus the higher the rollover.

BetOnline Promotions

When it comes to online betting site promotions, nobody in this industry does it better than BetOnline sportsbook. Whether you are looking for deposit bonuses, sportsbook, horse racing or casino promotions coming to an online sportsbook with a lot of experience is the best thing to do. Here is a look at some of the promotions from BetOnline sportsbook.

Deposit Bonuses –
At BetOnline sportsbook there are three different types of deposit bonuses for patrons to make use of. Firstly, there is the better bonus guarantee in which all you have to do is simply inform BetOnline of another shop you are thinking of joining bonus and they will match it. For instance, tell BetOnline you are joining a new sportsbook with a 10 to 20 percent deposit bonus, and not only will they match that bonus, they will increase their bonus to 25 percent. Meaning to say you can’t go anywhere better when it comes to deposit bonuses.

The second type of deposit bonus is the deposit and re-up bonus. For every deposit you make after your first one, you will get an automatic 45 percent bonus just for re-up your account. This is tops in the industry and has helped BetOnline maintain its elite level status.

Thirdly and perhaps the best is for BetOnline clientele who use Moneybookers. For these customers you can expect 100 percent cash back with a maximum of $200 for every deposit you make.

Sportsbook Promotions
Similar to better bonus guarantee promotion for deposits, BetOnline offers a better parlay guarantee which works in the same manner. They also offer a fabulous Friday five percent bonus promotion. With this promotion, they offer a 50 percent reduced juice guarantee offer on Fridays during College football season. For five hours straight this offer is applicable each and every Friday.

Special Online Betting Bonus From

Legendz sportsbook goes by the motto “The Most respected Sportsbook online” and with good reason as the online betting community loves great bonuses. With over 15 years of experience in the sports betting industry, Legendz has been able to attract both sharps and casual bettors with their successful marketing campaign. Today we will be looking at Legendz biggest appeal, the special online promotions that separate them from the rest of the online gambling industry.
Legendz sportsbook offers a plethora of different betting bonuses. The hot ticket right now is the five percent add on bonus which comes with any deposit of $100 or more. However, the only trouble with this bonus is that you have to apply for it at specific times as listed on the site. For instance, to qualify for the five percent bonus you must do so on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday only.

Rollover requirements for the special include a five time rollover for up $1000 deposited and up to seven time rollover for that of $1001 or higher. What’s more, the special bonus currently listed on the website is only good up until February sixth 2011 at 11:59 pm EST.

It is important to note as well, that prior to qualifying for the five percent special online betting bonus, patrons of must also have used the sign up bonus and rollover for that.

The sign up bonus is twofold. Firstly, if you sign up for a regular account, you must deposit a minimum of $300 for a 20 percent bonus of up to six rollover of free play plus deposit. However, the other option for patrons of the site is to deposit up to $1000 for cash back of 20 percent with a rollover of over five times.

Bet365 Opening Account And Deposit Bonus Promotions

Bet365 sportsbook is one of the biggest online bettingcorporations in the industry. Aside from ranking highly in the public’s eyes for the last few years, Bet365 also owns a number of smaller sportsbooks, with their biggest subsidy being Bowmans sportsbook. One of the biggest betting appeals to Bet365 is their promotions. Today we will be looking at how to open an account at Bet365 and the deposit bonus structure they offer.

Right off the bat when opening an account with Bet365, new bettors receive an automatic 100 percent cash back bonus. This is far and away the best offer you can receive in the industry, as the standard is an abysmal 10 to 25 percent. Nevertheless, 100 percent cash back to open an account is a generous offer and also provides an advantage for Bet365 users over their opponents.

For instance, at 100 percent, you can essentially test out the sportsbook using the sportsbooks money. As well, Bet365 only requires a minimum deposit of $20 in order for you to qualify for the 100 percent deposit bonus.

Opening an account is rather simple, as Bet365 has round the clock customer support, which guides first time users through the account process.

As well, it should be noted, that the 100 percent initial deposit has a maximum limit of $200. So sharps, looking for 100 percent deposit bonuses on deposits of $1000 or greater, may want to go elsewhere.

Also, you should know that the 100 percent initial deposit is reliant on a one time rollover. Meaning to say you would have to play through your entire $20 first before getting Bet365 $20 in 100 percent initial deposits. What’s more, customers of Bet365 are required to fill out a 10 digit code which confirms the initial bonus.