Battle Of New York An Early Super Bowl Preview

Tonight is the final game of week three of the fishing NFL preseason. To conclude week three, the battle of New York, featuring the Jets and the Giants takes place. This game will feature two teams trying to prove to both their fan bases and critics alike, that this is the year they can make it back to the sports betting Super Bowl. Here is a preview of the game.

The New York Jets underwent a slew of offseason renovations, including revamping their entire receiving core. Gone are Brad Smith, Jericho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards. In are Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress. Both Burress and Holmes have won Super Bowls in the past, and should be the veteran pieces the Jets need to reach their first Super Bowl in nearly 40 years.

On the other hand, the New York Giants are hoping that quarterback Eli Manning can return to 2008 Super Bowl form, when he helped the Giants defeat the New England Patriots. This offseason, Manning informed the media that he believes he should be on the same level as Tom Brady and Eli’s brother Peyton, when referring to elite level quarterbacks.

On paper, we should see the majority of each team’s starting lineups for much of the game. Essentially, both Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan have informed their players, that the starters will play the first half and first drives of the second half, before making way for the backups.

Look for David Carr and former Alabama Crimson Tide standout Greg McElroy to get the majority of snaps when the backups take over. With Mark Brunell injured, McElroy will temporarily be Mark Sanchez backup heading into the regular season. Meanwhile, David Carr will look to show Tom Coughlin and his staff, that if Eli Manning can’t live up to his claims of being an elite level quarterback, he has a good second option.

Optimism Surrounds Houston Texans Heading Into Preseason

Sports betting enthusiasts, we have reached the end of the first week of preseason, as tonight the New York Jets and Houston Texans will close out the start of the show. As a final act in this opening week, the NFL betting lines highlight two of the best young teams in the entire league. Optimism has never been higher in Texas, as the Houston Texans; appear to have made the necessary changes to finally make it to the playoffs. Here is a preview of the Houston Texans.

In 2010, despite finishing with a record of six and 10, the Houston Texans defense was the worst in the entire NFL, ranked 32nd in both pass rush and rush defense. As a result, the Texans biggest offseason acquisition came from the coaching ranks, as they fired long time defensive coordinator Frank Bush, and replaced him with 2004 San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Philips. Philips is known by many as a defensive guru, as despite never winning a Super Bowl, he’s always had strong defenses wherever he has gone.

The 2010 offense led by the trio of Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster, has remained intact, while the defense has had many upgrades. One of the most intriguing signings of the summer was the Texans additions of safety Daniel Manning and cornerback Jonathan Joseph. Both Manning and Joseph are seen by many, to be the most underrated players at their respective positions. Yet, by signing for the big money this offseason, the duo will go from undervalued to overrated pretty quickly, if the Texans defense does not improve.

This season, the AFC South, which houses the Houston Texans, appears to be wide open. With this in mind, the Texans through their adjustments, should be able to put together a good enough starting lineup, that their Northbet fans can finally watch a playoff game.

Online Sports Betting – Tips For Finding Good NFL Promos

Even though betting on MLB lines will be the most popular play of the summer, you can always start thinking about football season, even though the NFL isn’t any closer to sorting out their lockout situation. That doesn’t mean that they won’t be, and that means sportsbooks will be trying to entice you towards their lines with promotions, and here are a few simple tips to listen to.

How Many Rollovers?

Rolling over a bet means that you have to play it again before you can extract your money, and most places make you roll over your bets multiple times. Check out which book will work for you in terms of payouts, because if you have to roll over your winnings a few times, it’s not really much of a bonus, it’s just more money to lose.

What Do You Get Bonuses For?

Sometimes, books will tie in other bonuses with promotions, such as sign-up/welcome bonuses, referrals, and that can be a way to lure you in. Be sure to find out exactly what you can get from a book, and search around to see what is out there because it’s a big competition between books and you, the customer, should reap the benefits.

Are They Secure?

Even if the promos are great, and the bonuses are better, and the lines are up right away, none of this matters if it’s not with a reputable book that is known for being reliable. Do your research to make sure your book has a good name in the history, and check the most recent reviews, because things can change quickly in the online sports betting industry. launches new pricing, a new site, and a new campaign featuring Soprano’s Johnny Sack, an online sportsbook service provider for local agents, today unveiled a new campaign featuring Vince Curatola, Johnny Sack of The Sopranos fame.

The campaign leads with Vince asking “Five bucks per head, that’s what I wanna pay…” and the website, featuring video and voice overs by Vince, walks you through the product, the process and the competition.
“Five bucks a head is really an industry first given our level of service,” a spokesman from explained. “And we very carefully and in great detail delineate on the website exactly what you get and at what price level at PayPerHead versus the other serious players, such as Book ‘em Direct.”

And what you get is a lot, including not only the traditional online per head sportsbook but an optional casino, live poker, in game live betting, mobile betting, tools for managing players and their funds, layoff and scalp accounts, even a “sharp check.” “We have the sharpest lines out there and one of the most experienced stages anywhere offshore,” the spokesman said, “so if we start seeing sharp action from one of your players, we can give you a heads up. What you want to do with him is up to you.”

The choice of Vince Curatola was an interesting one. “We always liked Vince’s character on The Sopranos, as John “Johnny Sack” Sacramoni,” the PayPerHead spokesman said. “He had a certain style, classy, but not over the top; there’s a calmness and authority about him that we really admire.  He brings that serious business demeanor to, the first sportsbook-service to EVER feature any kind of celebrity in its marketing.”
With post-up books like BetUS, and SportsInteraction stopping taking US players, Bodog and others struggling with “Ecom” processing problems, the street scene is heating up and players are posting daily in forums looking for a “local out.” Players want the huge selection of markets, including live in-game betting, and the convenience of anytime betting online or via their mobile, but more and more say “they want to bet online but prefer to settle in cash on Monday.”

Is this the future of online sports betting? Quite possibly. And with firms like investing in marketing in an unprecedented way (celebs, who’d have thunk it?!) and in product (they also offer live poker, casino and in-game betting), expect to see this sector grow significantly this season.

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Online Sports Betting – Use The Nil-Nil Refund To Your Advantage

You don’t just have to bet on March Madness to get a good deal at BetOnline, as we have a number of promotions to check out in all sports. One of the best deals you can find is the Nil-Nil Refund, where you won’t be penalized for a low-scoring affair.

Soccer is one of the toughest sports on the planet in which to score a goal or point, but sometimes you will see a matchup between two offensively gifted teams in which it is just too good to avoid the over. You may lay a bet for the game to end up over the posted total, which is usually between 2-3, but normally 2.5.

However, these two teams may have some injuries you are aware of to their best attacking players, or maybe they just decided to hunker down and focus on the defensive aspect of the game, and the match ends in a 0-0 draw. If this is the case for you and the total is at least 2.5, BetOnline will allow you to refund your over wager in the form of a free play bonus for up to $250.00.

All you have to do is contact the customer service representatives at BetOnline with your account number and the number of the ticket you have placed your bet on, and you can wipe that bad bet clean with the Nil-Nil Refund. So don’t delay, and make your way to right now for more information on how you get in on the online sports betting action!

MLB Betting – How To Sniff Out A Good Promo

Florida-MarlinsYou should be looking for a good sportsbook promo as it’s almost time for MLB betting season, with the regular season just over a week away. Here are a couple of Northbet tips to use in order for you to get the most bang for your MLB betting buck.

Finding a book with reduced juice is the best way to score on MLB betting, as many sportsbooks make their profit off of the juice, which is the amount of money that sportsbooks charge to make a bet. For example, most of the time the juice on any given wager is 10%, which will mean that it costs you $110 to win $100. But some sportsbooks will offer one day a week where the juice is reduced, which would mean it would cost you $105 to win $100 on that particular day. Any time you can get a little bit off your wager, you should take advantage of it.

Another good way to find a good sportsbook for baseball betting is one that offers dime lines, which are when the difference in odds between the favorite and the underdog is ten cents (For example, the Chicago Cubs are listed at -140 as the favorite, while the Cincinnati Reds are rated at +130 as the underdog). This type of betting will serve you well throughout a long Major League Baseball season as the savings eventually add up, and the premise is simple: you increase your profit when you win, and your losses decrease when you lose. Doesn’t that sound like a great sports betting formula?

NorthBet Offers Quicker Payouts And Supremely Responsive Attention To Customers

NorthBet is a new presence in the online gaming realm, started in 2010 by a knowledgeable group of experts with a combined total of over 40 years in the business. The creators of NorthBet are aiming to assemble the sportsbook with the fastest payouts in the industry. Quality online gaming outlets recognize the centrality of the need for players to access their funds.

NorthBet entered the scene offering a same-day policy for payouts, and it also provides the NorthBet debit card, which will allow players to get their money out in as little as two hours, which is mind-boggling in this business. You can deposit using Visa, MasterCard, wire transfers and bank wires, and you can receive payouts on the aforementioned debit card, along with bank wires and wire transfers. The debit card gives players a maximum of speed and safety, and your money is being handled by an account management team with ample experience (each account management agent has to have at least five years of full-time service in the industry).

The NorthBet site has a user-friendly, stream-lined look – you’re not going to be confused by what you see. Bells and whistles are not needed for basic customer service – NorthBet wants to make it as easy as possible for you to carry out your transactions. There is also some content on the NorthBet site, mostly pertaining to NFL betting. Showing an awareness of social media, NorthBet also has a Twitter feed – the handle is @NorthBet – that features trivia questions while providing a way to interact with customers and answer questions that people may have about the site.

NorthBet aims to sweeten the pot for their players when it comes to bonuses. The referral bonus offers a unique avenue for customers. If you can get a friend to join up to NorthBet, you will get a 30% bonus on that friend’s first deposit, plus an additional 5% bonus for each subsequent deposit as long as you are both NorthBet members. That’s right, you keep winning each time your friend deposits, and it’s a good way to get your friends involved, which makes the sensation of winning that much more exhilarating. There are also bonuses and promotions in the Casino and Racebook sections of NorthBet to sweeten the platter of offerings. New players will also get a free scratch-and-play when they sign up.

The variety of sports in the NorthBet sportsbook are pretty standard in terms of listed odds. The wage limits are standard-issue, relative to typical industry numbers. It is also easy enough for the casual bettor to pick up and make a bet because the betting engine owns a standard check-box format.

All in all, NorthBet is still a very young company looking to expand its scope of activity. The defining aspect of NorthBet remains the timeliness of its payouts, an area that a lot of sportsbooks ignore. Making sure players can access funds as soon as reasonably possible is a hallmark of superior customer service, and that commitment is evident in NorthBet’s operations.

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Sports News – In worst-kept secret, James repeats as MVP win

Cleveland fans can take a break from Celtics Cavaliers betting to congratulate their star, LeBron James, who became the 10th player in NBA history to win back-to-back MVP awards.

James, a local boy from Akron, garnered 116 of a possible 123 first-place votes, and nearly doubled the second-place finisher, Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant, in total votes.  James was second to Durant in scoring in the league, and he came in sixth in assists as he made a concerted effort to get his teammates more involved to prepare them for the postseason.  The Cavaliers also made moves specifically to keep James in Cleveland as Antawn Jamison is another scoring option, along with Mo Williams, Shaquille O’Neal was brought in for his championship experience (and a big body to combat Orlando’s Dwight Howard, who came in third in the MVP vote), and Anthony Parker adds perimeter defense.  All of this was designed to hopefully win a championship, but more importantly, keep James in town.

We all know that James is the biggest fish in this summer’s free-agent market, which is probably the biggest in NBA history, and rumors have been swirling around since last summer as to where “King James” will land.  Some say New York for the market, but James is already one of the top three athletes in the country when it comes to popularity and exposure.  Some say he’ll team up with Dwyane Wade in Miami, but a team with two big dogs may not work so well (Shaq-Kobe comes to mind).  When it’s all said and done, we’re betting on James to be in Cleveland next year, and to lift another MVP award.