What Social Media Outlets Will Help Bettors the Most?

When you bet on the best sports betting sites, it is always a good idea to have insight on the information you will need to make successful wagers. Sportsbook agents are extremely resourceful people who know how to use the latest media innovations to their advantage. As a bettor, it is in your best interest to learn how to use social media to make your life easier as well.

The best social media outlet to use to improve your sports betting is Twitter. Athletes, reporters and people with inside sports information spend a lot of time giving out that information on Twitter. You need to find the people who offer the best up to date information on your sport and watch your Twitter feeds before you place an online bet. You can learn important information about subjects such as injuries, starting players and any changes to the game that would affect your betting.

Another good social media outlet to use is Reddit. This is a service that collects social media information from a variety of sources and puts it out there for you to read. A lot of athletes and team administrators also use Reddit to interact directly with fans on important issues. If you follow a Reddit feed, you are certain to find out everything you need to know on who will be starting in an upcoming game and which players could be on the trade block. This is an extremely comprehensive social media outlet that a lot of sports experts use every day.

What are Good Sports for a New Bettor to Get Started With?

When you are just learning how to bet on sports, it is always a good idea to start off with sports that have a lot of information available to use. When you are new to the sports betting services and just figuring out how to place a good bet, it is always a good idea to stick with sports that offer a significant amount of resources that you can rely on. It may even help to pick a sport that you are not so familiar with so that you can look at it from an analytical standpoint instead of as a fan.

College basketball and football are huge in the sports betting world and the best sports betting websites always have a lot of valuable information that you can use to create your first betting system. The college football bowl games get the most attention, as well as the college basketball March Madness tournament. If you are looking for a sport that you can really analyze and find plenty of betting examples to follow, then one of the two major college sports is a good choice.

In the North American professional sports ranks, NFL football reigns as the top betting sport in the country. You will find plenty of resources that you can use to develop your own betting system and make a few dollars betting on football. If you are looking for something with a little bit of an international flavor to it, then check out the betting information available on Premier League soccer.

Good Betting Resources for New Bettors

If you’re new to the betting world, the first thing you should do before you make any sports wager is your research. You should never be picking the game blind or by a hunch, because that’s not a long-term money making method. Here are a few good betting resources to use for new bettors and old.

One of the better resources for mostly North American sports is www.covers.com.  Covers.com is a website solely devoted to sports betting that features a large database of information per game, expert analysis and a lively discussion forum.

For example let’s look at today’s MLB matchup between cross-town rivals the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals. If I click on the MLB tab followed by the Scores and Matchups tab I can find out both team’s current records, their home and away records and their over/under totals from the year right away. If I scroll further down, I can see the starting pitcher’s records and how they’ve fared in their last three outings.

Another resource I find to be very beneficial for tennis betting is www.tennisexplorer.com. This site can be a very valuable and profitable tool for any tennis bettor. It’s very rare for me to make a tennis wager without checking out this site. They break down every matchup of the day including the player’s head-to-head record, as well as their history on all of the different court surfaces dating back to the start of their career.

If you don’t have the time do this much research, the least you can do is find a research tool on your online betting site, which most have and look at some basic stats before you place your wager. Good luck and may your picks be winners!

Rules you should never break when sports betting

There are many rules one should consider when sports betting either online or through a bookie. Here are just a few to keep in mind if you feel that your sports betting may be going in the wrong direction.

For one, don’t make bets that you are not comfortable with. If you think that something is a long shot, simply don’t make that bet. Also, if you find that the bet is too far out of your budget, don’t do it either. You should always be aware of exactly how much you can spend, and use your best judgment on if a team will actually win or not.

There are many other rules that one should keep in mind while sports betting. It should always be a fun extra-curricular activity and never dominate your life. If you find that this starts to happen, it may be time to step back a re-examine exactly what you want to get out of online betting.

What kind of people give the best betting advice?

There are certain types of people who always give good advice, but what kind of person gives good betting advice? The answer is pretty simple. The best types of people are those who have a great understanding of sports betting and make intelligent decisions, not only in betting, but in life as well.

Many of the best sports betting enthusiasts are good because they pick winners based on facts and stats. Yes, there is a place in betting for your “gut” however a bet needs to be based on more than that. Good sports bettors are people who make rational decisions on a day to day basis and have success to show for it. Those who are sporadic and unorganized tend to make bad gamblers not matter what the sport.

Many online sports books have good tips for sports betting and tend to give advice. However, it is better to seek some know how from those who have proven winning records and have your best interests in mind.

What factors never affect a betting line?

There are so many factors that go into setting and changing a betting line. However, what are some factors that will never affect your betting line? For starters a line cannot change in the middle of a period or quarter.

Although betting lines change as the game progresses, they will rarely change during the actual change. Sports betting can be very tricky especially when under a time constraint. Many sports books are unable to change their lines until a break in play whether they be at half time or during intermissions. Finally, the non-starting players never affect a betting line. It is simply too hard to keep track of practice squads for many online and offline bookies.

Check out more online sports books for more articles on what defines and changes a betting line as well as what sets a betting line in the first place.


What factors go into determining a sports betting line?

There are a few different things that go into setting a sports betting line. For one people are attached to the stats pages to try and mathematically put a worth on a certain team or player. Another aspect is the variables including injury reports and trade rumors.

Bookies and sports book reviews tend to spend a lot of time over stats, including the team’s current streaks, home field advantage and injury reports. All of these things are crucial into setting a betting line. Even something as miniscule as a single player having a bad day can sometimes affect betting lines with really hard core bookies.

Sports betting lines are set sometimes up to a week in advance to represent the odds on any given day and they are subject to change. Different betting sites use different stats in order to make up their odds.

Is there a problem with constantly updated sports lines?

Having variety in a sports book is important these days. With so many options you can bet on sports on many different lines, but it is good when a sports book updates its lines often? The answer holds a little bit of yes, and a little bit of no.

An updates line means that the sports book or online betting site you are using is staying up to date to try and deliver the best odds possible. By staying on top of injury and practice reports along with game outcomes, you can rely on the sports book being reliable and knowledgeable. This also means that you are not stuck with a bad betting line that did not update, therefore leaving you with bad odds come game time.

However, there is a downside to this as well. With a constantly updated line, you can find yourself in a situation where the odds are not as good as they were the day before. However, the good far outweighs the bad in this situation.

Having an online sports book that is constantly updating, may seem a little annoying. However, it does so in order to make sure that you get the best odds possible on any sporting event.

Why are early betting lines important?

Early betting lines are important for those who want to bet big money. Like BIG money, up to and over $1000 per bet. Early lines give the chance for big spenders to help encourage the lines closer to the start of the game.

Many bookies and sports books made their betting lines based on what people are putting on a particular team. Money greatly influences the lines and chance the odds of any game. Whatever odds the company or betting site choses to publish can be changed because of big betters.

Early betting can also be easily influenced by other offshore betting sites that may have opened up before your site. This means that an early better can look at other sites in say, Europe, and use their given odds to help move the line here in North America.

It is usually unwise to wait until the late line in order to place a bet. By then the odds are not as good as they were earlier because there is more information available, including injury reports and starting lineups. Although you may not be interested in being an early better, it is definitely best to place your bet sooner rather than later in order to achieve to best odds that you are comfortable with. Check out the latest bodog review to get a list of early odds on your favorite sport.

What To Ask Someone Who Is Recommending An Online Sportsbook

When someone comes up to you and recommends an online sportsbook, you should have a set of questions at the ready so that you don’t get conned or deceived. You don’t want to make a bad decision when entrusting your money to sportsbooks, so here’s what you need to keep in mind:

Does a website offer the basics and provide the kind of performance that gives full value to customers? Sportsbook industry veterans know that when a bet on sports needs to be placed, a website needs to make things simple and accessible. Don’t ask about graphics or other matters pertaining to the aesthetic appearance of the online sportsbook – remain focused on this basic point: Does the website make it easy to place bets and locate necessary information – information on the events themselves and on customer service for handling important issues with timeliness and care?

What counts when analyzing a betting website is that it is supremely utilitarian; that’s what the public wants from an outlet in this particular realm. Sports betting transactions need to be processed quickly, and payouts need to be made with great speed and efficiency, setting a standard of professionalism that you, as a customer, can depend on. If you are asking questions about these topics, you’re on the right track.

You should also ask about an online sportsbook’s bonuses – do they match or exceed the competition, for instance? That’s another question you should advance. Sportsbook reviews are focused on the level of service provided to the public, and bonuses are a big part of the equation. All in all, you need to think like a customer: Does an online sportsbook provide the features and basic services with a level of clarity that gives you incentive to keep coming back to the online betting window?