Good Betting Resources for New Bettors

If you’re new to the betting world, the first thing you should do before you make any sports wager is your research. You should never be picking the game blind or by a hunch, because that’s not a long-term money making method. Here are a few good betting resources to use for new bettors and old.

One of the better resources for mostly North American sports is is a website solely devoted to sports betting that features a large database of information per game, expert analysis and a lively discussion forum.

For example let’s look at today’s MLB matchup between cross-town rivals the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals. If I click on the MLB tab followed by the Scores and Matchups tab I can find out both team’s current records, their home and away records and their over/under totals from the year right away. If I scroll further down, I can see the starting pitcher’s records and how they’ve fared in their last three outings.

Another resource I find to be very beneficial for tennis betting is This site can be a very valuable and profitable tool for any tennis bettor. It’s very rare for me to make a tennis wager without checking out this site. They break down every matchup of the day including the player’s head-to-head record, as well as their history on all of the different court surfaces dating back to the start of their career.

If you don’t have the time do this much research, the least you can do is find a research tool on your online betting site, which most have and look at some basic stats before you place your wager. Good luck and may your picks be winners!

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