What kind of people give the best betting advice?

There are certain types of people who always give good advice, but what kind of person gives good betting advice? The answer is pretty simple. The best types of people are those who have a great understanding of sports betting and make intelligent decisions, not only in betting, but in life as well.

Many of the best sports betting enthusiasts are good because they pick winners based on facts and stats. Yes, there is a place in betting for your “gut” however a bet needs to be based on more than that. Good sports bettors are people who make rational decisions on a day to day basis and have success to show for it. Those who are sporadic and unorganized tend to make bad gamblers not matter what the sport.

Many online sports books have good tips for sports betting and tend to give advice. However, it is better to seek some know how from those who have proven winning records and have your best interests in mind.

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