Why are early betting lines important?

Early betting lines are important for those who want to bet big money. Like BIG money, up to and over $1000 per bet. Early lines give the chance for big spenders to help encourage the lines closer to the start of the game.

Many bookies and sports books made their betting lines based on what people are putting on a particular team. Money greatly influences the lines and chance the odds of any game. Whatever odds the company or betting site choses to publish can be changed because of big betters.

Early betting can also be easily influenced by other offshore betting sites that may have opened up before your site. This means that an early better can look at other sites in say, Europe, and use their given odds to help move the line here in North America.

It is usually unwise to wait until the late line in order to place a bet. By then the odds are not as good as they were earlier because there is more information available, including injury reports and starting lineups. Although you may not be interested in being an early better, it is definitely best to place your bet sooner rather than later in order to achieve to best odds that you are comfortable with. Check out the latest bodog review to get a list of early odds on your favorite sport.

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