NBA Betting – A Quick History of the Chicago Bulls

Most betting enthusiasts remember the Chicago Bulls for being the team that Michael Jordan played for in the 1990’s that went on to win all of those championships. It is never a bad thing for a franchise to be remembered as the one that employed the greatest player to ever play the game, but the betting sites online will usually gloss over the early years of the Bulls and forget the story of how the Chicago Bulls came into existence.

The Chicago Bulls were the third NBA franchise to be based in Chicago, and it can easily be said that the Bulls are the most successful NBA franchise to be based in Chicago. The team was started by former pro basketball player Dick Klein. The first season the Bulls played was the 1966-1967 season, and it did not take long for the Bulls to find success. The Bulls made the playoffs in its first year of existence and went on to make the playoffs for eight of its first nine seasons. Chicago posted the best record ever by an NBA expansion team in 1966-1967 and the team has never looked back.

A sportsbook review of the history of the Chicago Bulls shows that, in its entire existence, the team has only missed the playoffs 15 times. It has won six NBA championships and it has the distinction of being one of the few NBA franchises to make it to five or more NBA Finals and never lose a series in the Finals. There is a long tradition of winning in Chicago that continues to this day.

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