NBA Betting – Which Lakers Stand Above The Rest?

BetOnline reviews of the Los Angeles Lakers’ history may not know where to start as the franchise has had many of the all-time greats wearing the purple and gold. Here are five of the best (arguably, of course).

Jerry West

He’s the NBA logo…what else do you need to know? Well, not only did he win a title as a player, but West built the Showtime era of the Lakers, which was led by ….

Magic Johnson

…Johnson’s court vision may be the best in history, although he could score when he had to and along with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, is thought of when it comes to the top players of the modern era.

Kobe Bryant

Bryant is the leader of the new generation and has won five titles with the Lakers. He continues to power the Lakers’ sports betting online (click here for more sports betting online information) odds to this day, although you still wonder how many titles he would have if he still played with…

Shaquille O’Neal

….Shaq, who won three titles with the Lakers and may have been the best playoff performer the franchise has ever seen, and that is saying a lot.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The all-time NBA scoring leader had the sky hook, which you knew was coming, but had no idea on how to stop it. He continues to help big men coming into the league with their post moves, and he had a huge hand in making the Lakers a sport betting favorite in the 1980s.

NBA Betting – Long-Term Injuries Have A Huge Effect On A Player’s Career

When it comes to odds on sports betting sites, injuries are always going to play a major role in which direction the line will go. But on an individual level, players are going to be affected by long-term injuries both on and off the court.

The biggest effect that a long-term injury will have is, of course, how the player produces. The body area in which the injury has occurred is obviously a major aspect; for example,  more players seem to be tearing their ACLs and that is something that rarely is ever 100% anymore, although surgeries are becoming better and better. But you look at a player like Derrick Rose, who suffered a knee injury in the first game of the playoffs and he’ll be out for the next year; not only will that affect Chicago’s sports betting online odds, but how will Rose even come back from the injury mentally? Will it affect his style of play? There are a lot of questions to be asked about long-term injuries and ones that can’t be answered until the player (in this case, Rose) gets back on the floor.

It will also affect a how teams negotiate contracts with players because they’re going to be less likely to offer longer contracts (and more money) to players that have an injury history. Look at Grant Hill, who has proved himself to be healthy in recent years, but he still has that injury past that teams will consider to be a negative, even though he could probably still help a team boost their online sports book odds.