NBA Betting – What Stats To Avoid When Picking An NBA Champion

The NBA playoffs are barreling towards the Finals as the Western Conference final is set and the Eastern Conference is almost there, and that means you have to start looking at who you are going to pick to win the title in your sportsbook. But what statistics don’t mean as much to online betting players?

First, you should try to gather as much information as possible when making your picks, and then you discard as you go. A good legal online sports betting sharp will always look at everything and then decide what isn’t necessary. While you should look at what teams did against each other in the regular season, what they are doing in the playoffs, right now, makes much more of a difference. For example, San Antonio and Oklahoma City are getting ready to battle for the Western title and the Spurs won two of three in the regular season, but Manu Ginobili didn’t play in all three games for San Antonio and he is a good enough player that it could swing it either way, so it’s tough to really take what the two did each other in the regular season at face value.

Also, don’t look back at what teams have done against each other if they’ve met in the Finals 10 years ago; for the most part (unless you’re San Antonio), teams are different now and there is an entirely new set of circumstances surrounding the teams. Focus on the present before you make your sport betting online picks.