NFL Betting – Are New Rules Affecting How You Look At Super Bowl Futures?

The NBA standings are heating up as we get close to the playoffs, but it’s never a bad time to look at Super Bowl futures and one of the factors you should consider when thinking about these lines is how they are being affected by the new contact rules.

You ask any sports betting sharp who has been watching football for a long time and they will tell you that it is almost a completely different game, one that is dominated by offenses. Defenders can barely touch offensive players anymore after years of being able to have their way with them, but points went down and the NFL brought in some new rules to limit defensive players. Defensive backs can’t breathe on a receiver once they get five yards down the field, and quarterbacks especially have been protected.

This means you’ll find teams like Green Bay, New Orleans, New England and now Denver in the new Peyton Manning as the favorites to win the Super Bowl in your sportsbook, because now you must have an above-average quarterback to be able to take advantage of the new rules. Offenses are being given the benefit of the doubt in nine times out of 10 nowadays, and these are the teams that are usually given the edge.

You should try and find a team that has balance (a good offense and a strong defense), but the teams with the best offense will usually be at the top of the list in your online sports book.

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