MLB Betting – Tips And Advice For A Long Season On The Diamond

MLB betting players are gearing up for spring training to prepare for another season of baseball wagering, and it is a season that can feel like it goes forever, although it is 162 games plus the playoffs. You should pace yourself through the season as a player would, because you don’t want your bankroll to be in a danger zone by the end of June…you still have a few months to do, so budget what you have and stick to it throughout the season.

Watch the free-agent market to see which players switched uniforms in the offseason, as teams don’t have to worry about a salary cap and are allowed to pay players as much as they can. This is why you see big-market teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox constantly near the top of the World Series futures and as favorites on a day-to-day basis; they can build for star power and depth if they can afford it.

But starting pitching may be the single-biggest factor in picking both a World Series winner and from game to game. You get the starting pitchers for a matchup listed in your sportsbook, and regardless of whatever else is going on in the lineup, the better starter will likely make their team a favorite. While chicks dig the long ball, keeping runs off the board is what wins titles and especially in the post-steroid era, pitchers are taking over the game, so that is something to remember as you are picking your MLB betting winners.

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