College Football Betting – Some Hints For NCAA Gridiron Betting Players

In the United States, college football is almost as big as the NFL as rivalries can run deep and split families, and every Saturday is a huge day as teams battle for the chance to play for the BCS championship.

The season is a little shorter in college football, so there are greater senses of urgency, particularly in the early part of the campaign when teams are playing other non-conference contenders. This is especially important as strength of schedule plays a factor in a team’s final rating, although with the polls and the rest of the computer rankings that make college football a confusing entity. These non-conference games are important to watch as it’ll tell you who has a solid chance to being competitive in their conference.

And that is where a team really makes its money as conference play is two-thirds or more of the schedule and you have to consider the strength of the conferences. For example, an SEC team can get away with losing a game or two along the way because it is so well regarded by the coaches and the computers that they can still go on to a BCS title game (or a better bowl than they deserve) from playing in a power conference.

Like in most college sports, you should look to the coaches of the programs to estimate what kind of success a team will have as most coaches build a program in their vision, and then recruit the talent to fill the holes. More than in the pros, coaches will always have a role in college sports because they’re still teaching the game to kids, who are more receptive of their methods.

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