College Basketball Betting – Following The Road To March Madness

NCAA basketball betting may be the toughest sport in the sports betting industry, but it is also a source of entertainment and if you are willing to put the work in, a tidy profit. There are over 300 programs, which means a lot of games to bet on from November to the final game on the first Monday in April, so allow yourself to get bitten by the Madness early on.

You have to keep track of teams throughout the season to gauge the top college basketball betting favorites by the time the conference tournaments start, because it’s a long season and a lot can change from the beginning of November. The non-conference games will allow you to see which teams fare the best against squads from other conferences (or mid-majors taking on the big boys), while the conference portion of the schedule toughens teams for the conference and national Tournaments. Like we said, it’s a long season, but you will thank yourself as you are reaping the profits of March.

Coaching and experience also means a lot in college basketball, especially as players are now leaving school after one or two years, instead of three and four years in football. Teams with older players are better equipped for a postseason run than a young team who has never experienced the pressure cooker of the NCAA Tournament, and a coach that has seen it all can be good for a win or two that a team has no business winning. Look at the teams with these attributes while selecting your college basketball betting winners.

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