Super Bowl Betting – Players Battling For Something Extra In The Postseason

UFC fans are familiar with their favorite fighters receiving fight bonuses at the end of the night for things like “Fight of the Night”, “Knockout of the Night” and “Submission of the Night”. But there is no type of playoff system in a sport like mixed martial arts as there is in the NFL, and players will be on the field looking for something other than the Super Bowl trophy during this playoff run.

Playoff bonuses are doled out by teams to their players, and it can vary throughout every team. The amount that a player receives increases for each round they reach. For example, a player would receive an extra $20,000 for reaching the wild-card round, which may come in handy if the team wasn’t thought to make the playoffs by those that use bookie software. For the divisional round, it could go up a little more (although some teams that reach the postseason a lot will increase the bonus after the next stage) and then bump it up for the conference championship.

Of course, players get a sizable bonus for winning the Super Bowl and all the perks that come with it. This year, the Super Bowl winners will get over $80,000 a player for winning the Super Bowl, so the old “playing for the love of the game” mantra is falling by the wayside. While people like to win, they love money and the winnings get bigger with each Super Bowl betting round they complete.

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