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NBA scores are on fire right now as the league comes towards the stretch run, while the NHL is getting ready for the playoffs, college hoops is winding down and of course, it’s never too early to start thinking about football season. You should always be in the market for a new sportsbook to keep your options open, and Wagerweb has a few promotions that are worth your while.

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Wagerweb also has a very good points program where you can earn points through your action on Wagerweb and then turn those points into merchandise. It isn’t just your ordinary t-shirts and clothing, but you can win X-Boxes and iPod Touches and other fantastic gear, all for just playing at WagerWeb.

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NFL Betting – Betting On The NFL Made Easy

Super Bowl betting time is often the busiest time of the year in terms of one-day wagering, and the number of props and lines you can bet on that Sunday will blow you away; it seems like more are being added every year. Betting on the NFL can be a fun and profitable endeavor nowadays, and here are a few tips to get you started.

First, you must understand that the pool to win the Super Bowl is very small, and it takes a lot for teams to come out of nowhere and be an immediate contender, so look towards the teams with veteran experience leading the way. When you are betting Super Bowl futures early on, you aren’t betting on a team to get better, you’re wagering on their chance to win right now, so take that into account.

You also need a star quarterback to win a Super Bowl it seems, so those teams will get the benefit of the doubt at your sportsbooks. Having a solid defense would probably be No.2, but you need an above-average-to-star pivot to survive in the NFL, which is now primarily a passing league.

However, you have to stay on top of the injury reports and week-to-week play to really be successful in the NFL betting game. Things change throughout the season, sometimes from game to game and it is easy to miss out on a key injury that could change either a short-term or long-term wager you made. Track the futures throughout the campaign and jump on the right price for you.

NBA Betting – A How-To On Pro Hoops Wagering

NBA betting has grown in popularity over the last few years as the game is expanding globally, but it is still a game very much dominated by the United States. However, you shouldn’t be surprised to see many teams with foreign players not only suiting up in the NBA, but playing major roles.

The one thing you should know about the NBA is that you need a star to win a title nowadays, and sometimes, two or three do the trick. A team needs a player that can grab a game by the scruff of the neck, whether it is offensively and defensively, and in terms of one player dominating a game, you may not find a better place for it than basketball. Keep those teams in mind when making your sportsbook picks.

Follow the season carefully and grade a team’s chances based on how consistent they can be, because NBA teams tend to go on runs throughout the season and just get cold at the wrong team, although they can also get hot as well. Experienced teams know how to pace themselves through the run of a campaign (although the lockout-shortened season put some teams under duress), so lean towards those squads for the Finals.

Always remember that the NBA is a league driven by the players more than in any other league, but it’s not always a team of the best players that wins.  They are the teams that come together at the right time, realize their roles and execute. Tracking teams during the season will help you make the correct picks in the postseason.

NHL Betting – Navigating The Betting Road To Lord Stanley’s Cup

Hockey betting will never be as popular as football betting or perhaps even basketball wagering, but it has carved it out a nice niche for itself on the sports betting market and the players that do it, really love the game of hockey and they use it to make themselves a few bucks.

The NHL season is a long one and outside of football, you won’t find a more physical league in all of sports. Therefore, the threat is an injury is always around the corner and they play a massive role throughout the season. Especially with the rise in concussions and the steps that the NHL has made to take headhunting out of the game, it is still a tough sport and injuries are unavoidable sometimes. That is why you should always know what is going on in terms of injuries before making any bets. The best player in the game has been out for the better part of the year due to concussions, so no one is immune.

Hot goaltending is also nice to have in the NHL as they may influence a game more than any position player in any sport. A red-got goalkeeper has sparked more than one run to the Stanley Cup finals, so study a team’s goaltending before you make your NHL betting picks. Some goalies like a lot of work to stay in rhythm, while some coaches like to rest their goalies coming down the stretch, so that is often a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

MLB Betting – Tips And Advice For A Long Season On The Diamond

MLB betting players are gearing up for spring training to prepare for another season of baseball wagering, and it is a season that can feel like it goes forever, although it is 162 games plus the playoffs. You should pace yourself through the season as a player would, because you don’t want your bankroll to be in a danger zone by the end of June…you still have a few months to do, so budget what you have and stick to it throughout the season.

Watch the free-agent market to see which players switched uniforms in the offseason, as teams don’t have to worry about a salary cap and are allowed to pay players as much as they can. This is why you see big-market teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox constantly near the top of the World Series futures and as favorites on a day-to-day basis; they can build for star power and depth if they can afford it.

But starting pitching may be the single-biggest factor in picking both a World Series winner and from game to game. You get the starting pitchers for a matchup listed in your sportsbook, and regardless of whatever else is going on in the lineup, the better starter will likely make their team a favorite. While chicks dig the long ball, keeping runs off the board is what wins titles and especially in the post-steroid era, pitchers are taking over the game, so that is something to remember as you are picking your MLB betting winners.

College Football Betting – Some Hints For NCAA Gridiron Betting Players

In the United States, college football is almost as big as the NFL as rivalries can run deep and split families, and every Saturday is a huge day as teams battle for the chance to play for the BCS championship.

The season is a little shorter in college football, so there are greater senses of urgency, particularly in the early part of the campaign when teams are playing other non-conference contenders. This is especially important as strength of schedule plays a factor in a team’s final rating, although with the polls and the rest of the computer rankings that make college football a confusing entity. These non-conference games are important to watch as it’ll tell you who has a solid chance to being competitive in their conference.

And that is where a team really makes its money as conference play is two-thirds or more of the schedule and you have to consider the strength of the conferences. For example, an SEC team can get away with losing a game or two along the way because it is so well regarded by the coaches and the computers that they can still go on to a BCS title game (or a better bowl than they deserve) from playing in a power conference.

Like in most college sports, you should look to the coaches of the programs to estimate what kind of success a team will have as most coaches build a program in their vision, and then recruit the talent to fill the holes. More than in the pros, coaches will always have a role in college sports because they’re still teaching the game to kids, who are more receptive of their methods.

College Basketball Betting – Following The Road To March Madness

NCAA basketball betting may be the toughest sport in the sports betting industry, but it is also a source of entertainment and if you are willing to put the work in, a tidy profit. There are over 300 programs, which means a lot of games to bet on from November to the final game on the first Monday in April, so allow yourself to get bitten by the Madness early on.

You have to keep track of teams throughout the season to gauge the top college basketball betting favorites by the time the conference tournaments start, because it’s a long season and a lot can change from the beginning of November. The non-conference games will allow you to see which teams fare the best against squads from other conferences (or mid-majors taking on the big boys), while the conference portion of the schedule toughens teams for the conference and national Tournaments. Like we said, it’s a long season, but you will thank yourself as you are reaping the profits of March.

Coaching and experience also means a lot in college basketball, especially as players are now leaving school after one or two years, instead of three and four years in football. Teams with older players are better equipped for a postseason run than a young team who has never experienced the pressure cooker of the NCAA Tournament, and a coach that has seen it all can be good for a win or two that a team has no business winning. Look at the teams with these attributes while selecting your college basketball betting winners.

Sports Betting – BetOnline Rises A Step Higher Than The Rest

Many sports betting sharps like to shop around and get an idea of the best books, but they will always have a couple that they continue to go back to time and time again. Look no further for your #1 sportsbook than BetOnline, which offers something for everyone and should be at the top of your list.

BetOnline has all the bases covered, with superior customer service, quick payouts and secure handling of your funds, which are essentially the top three factors that you should look for when picking a new book. It is simple to make a wager at BetOnline that anyone could make one and while they may not have a large exotic section, sports bettors should be able to find whichever North American sport they would like to bet on, along with a few major European events.

But where BetOnline really sets itself apart from the rest of the competition is a content-heavy website loaded with information and previews of the matchups you’ll find in their sportsbook. A place that offers you sweet bonuses and information on how to actually win? You will not find many of those around nowadays.

There really isn’t much to complain about in regards to BetOnline, and if you want to be picky, the lack of exotics is a negative, but everything is covered. They are easy to get a hold of if there is a problem and they are eager to help in any way, so give BetOnline a try and see why they are the #1 sportsbook out there!

Online Betting – 5Dimes Helps Set The Standard For Sportsbooks

If you are looking for a new sportsbook to fit into your online betting rotation, 5dimes should be one of your first options and after one spin around their website, you will see why they have long been a veteran presence in the sports betting community.

5Dimes does everything you want an experienced sportsbook to do; you can bet securely and safely, there is a large variety of betting options (although a few more entertainment or political props would be nice) and the customer service ranks among the best in the business. There are not a lot of bells and whistles on the website, but it is fast, can handle a lot of traffic and is easy to navigate, which helps draw in novice bettors. They have been in the game long enough that their reputation is enough to keep them at the top of the sportsbook industry.

They are working on their mobile platform as that type of gaming is going to leap in popularity in the coming years, while their live betting leaves some to be desired, but overall, there are not many sportsbooks you are going to find that are as well-rounded as 5Dimes. It offers low juice for the sharps, and bonuses for the casual player in order to stretch your bankroll and again, that is all you can really ask for in a sportsbook. You would be hard-pressed to find a better sportsbook than 5Dimes, so go and see for yourself!

Sports Betting Online – Taking A Look At What Bovada Can Do For You

Bodog has earned a reputation as one of the top sports betting brands in the industry, but they had to move out of the United State with that name; however, Bovada exists as an American extension of Bodog and sports betting sharps still get the quality that they received at Bodog.

Bovada is a place that caters to the casual players and ones who are just doing some friendly betting, so you are not going to find massive limits or early lines; fun is the name of the game here. They have a flashy website that they are also tooling for improvement and their live betting is some of the best in the business. While they may not have a huge variety, Bovada has the most popular sports lines you need to see as well as a decent selection of exotics that other sites are lacking.

Their betting engine is an old standard and it is simple for anyone to use from new players to old-school sharps, and they also feature unique content to give their players more information on the betting matchups that are upcoming in their sportsbook. And despite the change in name, there is no change in the quality of customer service you will receive at Bovada as a group of courteous reps are there to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t let the name change fool you; Bovada offers the same perks as Bodog did and they are always striving to improve to surpass their predecessor, so get in on it early and take advantage of what Bovada can offer you.