College Basketball Betting – How To Spice Up Your March Madness Contest

From NHL fans to MLB betting players and sports fans in between, everyone usually gets in on some kind of March Madness bracket or contest when the NCAA Tournament tips off. With all the upsets that the Tournament is known for, truly anything can happen and the unpredictability can pay off, even to those that don’t know college hoops very well. Here is how you can make sure your contest runs smoothly.

The first thing you should do is decide whether it is a pay contest or just for fun, which is fine as it includes people who don’t want to take a risk. But if you choose to run a pay bracket, make sure you collect the money or specifically state that the deadline to pay is before the Tournament starts. Those who use price per head systems will tell you how much of a hassle it is to collect money; set that in stone from the beginning.

After taking care of that, then it becomes more of a social event. You should email regular updates after each week to show everyone how they did, and also try to encourage banter between the contestants. March Madness should be a fun time of year, and the contests should be a part of the entertainment, even if you’re out by the end of the first round.

If your contest is properly run, you can attract everyone from casual observers of the sport to diehard college basketball betting players.

Sports Betting – Understanding Juice And How It Can Help You

Whether you are a Superbowl betting player or someone who will be wagering on the UFC fights, knowing the basics of sports betting is crucial to your success and you may have heard the term “juice” thrown around. Here is a look at what juice is and how you can use it to your advantage.

First, the juice (also known as vig or vigorish) is what the sportsbooks charge to take your bet; call it a commission, if you will. MLB baseball is one of the sports where juice comes in handy and some books will even tailor their promotions toward having a low juice; chances are good that you’ll find numerous books that have a specific day for low juice.

Low juice is something that is taken advantage of by experienced sportsbook players because it doesn’t necessarily pay off right away, but over time it’ll be beneficial as you’ll save more money when you lose, which takes some of the sting out of a poor bet. Of course, there are benefits to winning on low juice, but if you’re on a bad run of luck, going with a sportsbook that has low juice will allow you to play for longer and gives you a chance to make that money back.

Do your research and shop around to find the books with the best low-juice specials, and with a little bit of work, you’ll learn how to make low juice pay off for your sports betting account.