Sports Betting – Bookmaker Offering An Incredible Bonus For New Players

The NFL is getting hot right now, which means some may be looking for a new sportsbook where they can wager on their favorite teams and make a little cash at the same time. But the folks at Bookmaker are aiming to make sure you get off to a good start with their deposit bonus.

If you open an account at Bookmaker with a deposit of $300 or more, you can receive a cash bonus up to $2500…that’s right, $2500 of cold, hard cash. The more you deposit, the higher your bonus is, and that money is always yours to spend. If you open an account with the minimum of $300, you are assured to receive $30, which is 10% of the initial deposit. If you deposit an amount of $1000, you would receive 20% of that deposit, which is $200, and wouldn’t that look nice in your sports betting account? Evenprice per head players would see this as a solid deal, and it’s even better for new players who are looking to get their feet wet in the world of sportsbook wagering.

Head over to for more information on their website, which is an excellent site and simple to navigate. Bookmaker is one of the leaders in the industry, and it’s a place where new players and sharps alike can get in on the action. Don’t hesitate; head over to Bookmaker today and start making your sports betting picks!

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