BetOnline Raises NFL Limits After Receiving New Clients

Panama City online sportsbook BetOnline, and NFL betting lines, have become synonymous with one another, over the last decade. No sportsbook was a bigger winner with the Department of Justice shut down of BetUS and TheGreek, then BetOnline, as all of the customers of those sportsbooks, transferred to BetOnline. With the increase in fishing clientele, BetOnline has recently raised its limits to $25,000 and opened up an interesting partnership with Pinnacle Sports. Here is the latest news surrounding BetOnline.

With week one of the NFL season coming to a close, more and more bettors are transferring their accounts to BetOnline. This season, BetOnline has been exposed to a boom in business that is equivalent to the company’s success in the early part of the decade. That is to say, that more sharps are placing their big money wagers with BetOnline, then ever before.

As a result of the increase in action, BetOnline and rival sportsbook Pinnacle Sports have set up a partnership, allowing lenders from Pinnacle to work with BetOnline customers. In laymen’s terms, the partnership let’s sharp bettors go over the $25,000 limit per week, when wagering on their favorite teams.

The partnership also includes the use of Pinnacle Sports betting lines for BetOnline customers. For those unfamiliar with Pinnacle Sports, alongside 5Dimes and DSI, Pinnacle sets the bookmaking lines for the rest of the industry. Meaning to say, if you want to get bets in through the middle of the night, or just before you go to work, getting an account with BetOnline is your best option to do so.

Whether you are using the money line, point spreads, totals, or parlays, BetOnline has over 100 options to choose from this NFL season. Risking money on your favorite team has never been easier.

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