BetOnline Poker Promotions

BetOnline, sports betting website, is one in which fans of both casino and sports can gather around and make a profit. While BetOnline is known mainly as a top tier sportsbook, the site has recently developed a poker promotions section that puts its competition to shame. For bettors new to online casino games such as poker, these promotions can help you earn money fast. Here is a look at the most recent promotions.

BetOnline offers its customer four poker promotions, the 150K guaranteed tournament, tournament bonus guarantee, Hit & Run Free Rolls, and Pop points. Here is a look at each promotion.

150K Guaranteed Tournament – This tournament is perfect for the casual poker player, looking to make a decent profit when entering a tournament. Essentially, rather than play against 100s of 1000s of other players in one tournament, and ultimately not making any money, the 150K tournament, provides you with an assurance you will walk away with some money. The rules and regulations for the tournament, note that the 150K will be paid out over several tournaments a month. However, bettors playing in the tournament must use a set buy in figure in order to qualify for the 150K.

Tournament Bonus Guarantee – One of the best aspects of playing poker at an online sportsbook is the fact that the site offers bonuses just for creating an account. At BetOnline, customers receive a lifetime 25 percent deposit bonus every time. But with the poker tournament bonus, you will receive an extra bonus on top of the 25 percent, to apply to your deposit.

Hit & Run Free Rolls – As the name suggests BetOnline offers customers a free roll every day 24 hours seven days a week. The free roll allows you to win more chips before the next tournament begins.

Pop Points – Pop points work as a way to allow bettors to make more cash, by using BetOnline points. Similar to the free play points for the sportsbook, you add up your pop points and cash them in as real cash.

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