BetOnline Promotions

100-slot-match-bonusWelcome to BetOnline Sportsbook, one of the oldest shops in the online betting industry. Since being founded in Panama City, Panama back in 1991, BetOnline has undergone a variety of changes. As a result, sports betting fans tend to be uncertain as to the identity of the BetOnline sports shop. Here is a look at the promotions you may find on BetOnline.
In the early days of the online sports gambling industry and as per the prop betting news, BetOnline was part of a handful of shops that were defined by low juice big bonus promotions. Yet by the beginning of the decade, BetOnline was losing a ton of money and found that a rebate free play promotions program would work better for them. They now have two big promotions, the VIP/ Loyalty program and the Bonus/Rebate programs. Here is how each works.

1. VIP/ Loyalty Program – In today’s online betting economy, the loyalty programs appear to be a mainstay only for the elite sportsbooks. In a recent top 10 best sportsbooks of the last decade poll, BetOnline ranked number four. Meaning to say, one of the greatest appeals was their loyalty program. Essentially, how the loyalty program works, is that for every dollar you deposit, you can earn one loyalty point. After hitting each target of loyalty points, customers of BetOnline can receive a free play in their betting options section. For example, in order to get $25 of free play, you need to have collected 10,000 points.

2. Bonus and Rebate Program – Although no longer employing the ‘Big Bonus Low Juice’ approach, BetOnline still has a relatively large bonus section. One major aspect that separates BetOnline from its competition is that the high bonuses are converted almost always into free plays. For instance, if you deposit a minimum of $100 you can receive a 10 percent free play after three rollovers. Conversely, if you deposit a maximum of $2000 you can receive up to 45 percent free play with a rollover of eight times.

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