Sports Interaction Promos

sports-interactionSports Interaction online sportsbook is one of a handful of Canadian based betting websites. They are based out of Quebec, and have been providing the Canadian online betting

community with the best lines since the late 90s. Today we look at the promos that Sports Interaction provides their clientele base with.

One of the unique feats of Sports Interaction is that the promotions are different for each month. Sports Interaction provides an increase in money each month with their promotions. However, their promotions rules stay the same.
For instance, this month, Sports Interaction offers weekly targets for patrons to qualify for their Kamikaze Tournament. Each week, they give away $5000 on the Sunday, before starting a new tournament on the Monday. Since May, the promotions have grown from $500 a week to $5000 currently in August.

Along with the Kamikaze Tournament, Sports Interaction also offers great bonuses for new players, whether it’s a deposit bonus or reload bonus. For example, the welcome deposit bonus is $600 with a 100 percent cash back bonus on your initial deposit. Secondly, the reload bonus is 25 percent and goes up to $100. However one should note that the reload bonus can only be used for one deposit. So if you use the reload on your second deposit, it will not be applicable for your third deposit.

Personally we believe, that if you are coming to Sports Interaction for your betting needs, the best use of your time is spent qualifying for the Kamikaze tournament. Here you do not have to deposit that much, and can still qualify for up to $5000. Aside from this, the gold membership conveys Sports Interaction as having a large loyalty program for more experienced bettors to use.

So log on today at for all your sports betting needs.

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