Bookmaker sports book is a new site that has been around for three years, since 2007. It is run by BetCRIS Corporation which is the group that sets the betting lines for the rest of the online betting community. Bookmaker provides the best deposit bonuses on the internet as the initial signup deposit is at a 20 percent bonus which is better than many other sports book sites that start their customers off with a 10 percent bonus. Bookmaker has a rewards club for deposit bonuses, which involves three levels, gold, platinum and diamond. Gold rewards bonuses are given to all customers upon sign up and range in bet points from zero to 29,999. The gold rewards include a 10 percent bonus each time the customer re-deposits $300, one free payout per month and all depositing fees reimbursed. The platinum rewards start at 30,000 bet points and end at 299,999 bet points, as well as 2 free payout’s per month.

Similar to the gold rewards, the platinum also has a 10 percent bonus each time the customer re-deposits and a $750 maximum bonus. Finally the diamond rewards includes a 15 percent deposit bonus each time the patron re-deposits a minimum of $300 bonus, once accumulating 300,000 and higher bet points. As well one free payout per week and all deposits are reimbursed. Noted earlier, Bookmaker has only been around for three years, however it already has patrons making $5000 bets as routinely on sports events and poker as other sites have patrons making $100 bets on the same sports. The site is easy on the eyes as each area is made clear and has a significant amount of detail to it. This site is recommended for big spenders as the diamond rewards club points out. Log on today at

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