Jazz It Up With Jazz Sports

Although the NCAA lines are winding down for the season as all we have left is the bowl season, if you’re looking for a place to bet make your Army Navy picks count this weekend, check out Jazz Sportsbook for their great deposit promotions right now.

Jazz Sports now offers a 15% cash bonus on your initial deposit, which is a good way to make some money right off the jump. A lot of investors talk about being content with just 10% growth in a given year or 10% increase in wealth, whereas Jazz Sports gives you a 15% right from the get-go.

On top of that, Jazz Sports will also give you a 30% free play bonus on all subsequent deposits after that, which means you can get yourself in good shape before you’ve even placed a single bet.

We all know that sports betting is a tough industry to win consistently so it’s good that you have a sportsbook like Jazz offering you a way to get ahead of the game before you even start.

Jazz Sportsbook also gives you a $25 free casino chip when you activate your account. Just call them up after you deposit and they put the $25 into your casino account.

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