5Dimes Offers In-Game Betting

Ask any online betting handicapper and they’ll tell you that live betting is the current craze. It’s one thing to handicap a game before hand, make your picks and then hope that they come through afterwards. It’s another thing to watch a game and get in on a betting line whenever you want to – such as a break in the game – give you an advantage as a bettor because you now see how the teams are playing and whether they are playing as expected.
5Dimes, one of the more reputable sportsbooks on the internet, is now allowing their customers to do some live betting. It’s a new feature that they have recently added to offer more to their customers.
5Dimes customers can now log onto the site and get in on the action on major nationally televised games for the NFL, college football and the World Series. As the games hit the commercial breaks, bettors will be able to place bets on the updated lines and make in-game decisions.
While most sportsbooks will eventually offer it as the technology to manage the lines gets better, it’s good to see that the better sportsbooks are already making adjustments to offer it.
For more information on 5Dimes new promotion, go to www.5Dimes.com and check out their features or give their customer service a call.

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