Pinnacle’s “better odds” promotion

As an avid sports bettor, I come across lots of different styles of sharps. There’s no one strategy that guarantees success; you can win lots of different ways. Some of the smarter bettors I know stick to the locks, always taking the sure things and never taking big risks. They win consistently but never get the big, exciting gain.
Then there’s the risk takers – the guys who look for big value and try to cash in on an upset. I fall somewhere in between; I like getting big value, but only if I do tons of homework. I felt confident in picking the Browns to beat the spread last week and the Lions the week before that, as my pile of stats suggested it would happen.
I stumbled across a Pinnacle promotion that appeals to the risk-taker type of bettor. If you sign up with them, you can get “up to 60 per cent” better odds at their book. It’s an intriguing promotion, but I don’t know how much it helps the low-risk guys. You’re never going to win much on the Lakers over the Clippers, even if you get 60 per cent better odds.
For the boom/bust types, however, I have to think this promotion is intriguing. For guys who make educated picks on events that give good value, they could cash in big with that 60 per cent boost. If that’s your style of play, do what you do best and take a flier on the promo.

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